This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but just a flavour of what is out there.......


Appui Feu:   
(A French Combat Mission Club)

Band Of Brothers - On-line Wargaming Club:
(An English speaking Combat Mission Club)

Black Beretz:       
(A German Combat Mission Club)

Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club:
(An English speaking Combat Mission Club)

Combat Vicio:   
(A Spanish Combat Mission Club)

Combat Mission Polish HQ   (CMHQ PL):
(A polish Combat Mission Club)

Few Good Men    (FGM):    
(An English speaking Combat Mission Clan, who are also members of the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club)

(Was the old FGM web site, now run as a separate Forum)

Kampfgruppe OKH:   
(An English speaking Combat Mission Clan, who are also members of Warfare HQ)

Punta de Lanza:       
(A Spanish Combat Mission Club

Russian CMBB Message Forum:

Warfare HQ    (WHQ):  

(An English speaking Combat Mission Club)



Battlefront Site: 

Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club - CMAK League 'Tag Team Tour Of Italy'           Click here

Combat Mission HQ: 

Combat Mission Modification Database      
(This is the place for you to get or store modifications to the graphics and sound files for Combat Mission.)

The Proving Grounds: 
(The goal of The Proving Grounds (TPG) is to provide quality scenarios for all players of the Combat Mission series of games)

FIONN KELLY'S CMBO Armour Rules:        2002-CBMO-Tournament/Fionn-Kellys-CM-Armor-Rules.htm

FredRockers Combat Mission Site:

Paul's Pac Progress:

(Has lots of scenarios available to download)

Robo's Quick Campaign Rules:





Bovington Tank Museum:
(The largest tank museum in the UK, and home to the only running Tiger 1 in the world)

Ian's Wargaming Web Site:   

Imperial War Museum Duxford:

Site With A Huge Number Of Photos:

The Armour Web Site:
(Lots of great stuff on Tiger tanks)

Wikingers panzermodellbau - The world of dioramas of WW2:
(Military dioramas, vehicles and figures. Modeling tips and tricks. Walk arounds and more !)

WW2 Resources:
(Pictorial research site for the 1938 to 1945 World War II era of all countries for gamers, modelers, and WW2 nuts)

History Of The 34 Armoured Brigade
(For anyone interested in what the Normandy campaign was like from the perspective of an Armoured unit this is a great site to visit)

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