Welcome to the homepage of the ‘CMAK Armoured Joust’ between the Few Good Men (FGM), Band Of Brothers, CMHQ PL Combat Ladder, Warfare Head Quarters (WHQ) and the members of the Blitzkrieg Wargames Club.  The tournament started on 7 Dec 04 and finished on 30 Apr 05.

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Strength and honour !

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30 Apr 05.    The tournament is now officially over.  The final top 3 postions are as follows:

1st     Band Of Brothers Team 2 and CMHQ PL - Team 1
2nd   CMHQ PL - Team 2
3rd    FGM

Well done to all the teams involved.  I hope you enjoyed participating in what was the largest club v club tournament ever run ( I believe).   Good luck to you in all your CM games.

Stength and honour !!


29 Apr 05.    It has not proven possible to re-fight game 3, so after consulting with the team captains have decided (for better or for worse) to let the original result between Schutzstaffel(FGM) and HOLMES stand.

28 Apr 05.    Adjudiacted the outstanding game 23 between Brosio and Fridericus and base on the position as I could see it, awarded a Tactical Victory (3pts) to Brosio.

13 Apr 05.    Well, here's the current position.  As at today's date we have 2 games outstanding:
Game 3 is being refought between Schutzstaffel(FGM) and Amerilias.  (Reasons explained in the 5 Apr update)
Game 23 between Brosio and Fridericus is stalled as at File 58 with Fridericus AWOL.  We have tried to bring Fox in to resume the game on Fridericus's behalf, but we are unable to access the file.  I shall wait until game 3 is complete.  If Frideriucs has not returned by then, I shall adjudicate the game based on what I can see of the game from Brosio's perspective.

5 Apr 05.    Game 3 needs to be refought.  The original CMHQ PL T3 player HOLMES has been ejected from the CMHQ PL club for a confirmed case of cheating, so I am informed.  We cannot be sure that his game in this competition was played fairly, therefore, a replacement is being sought for a rematch with Schutzstaffel(FGM).

4 Apr 05.    I know the Joust should have finished ages ago, but we have 1 game outstanding and 1 game that needs to be replayed.  I'm working on sorting these out.

17 Mar 05.    One of the games may have to be re-fought.  More details shortly.

14 Mar 05.    Game 37 between Dadsturf (Blitz A 4) and Clown (CMHQ PL T2 9) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Clown.

13 Mar 05.    Game 20 between Kyzarkit BoB T2 1 and Kutuzow (CMHQ PL T1 8) ended in a Totak Victory for Kutuzow.

12 Mar 05.    Game 25 between Drackula (CMHQ PL T2 2) and Muso57 (BoB T2 9) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Muso57.

2 Mar 05.    Well, the deadline date of the 28th Feb has come and gone, and we still have 4 games remaining to finish.  The point position is incredibly close with no one team at this stage having a commanding lead.  I have opted to extend the deadline (again) until 14 Mar in the hope the games will be finished for then.  Failing that, I shall request ceasefires, or alternative players to finish the games.

1 Mar 05.    Game 28 between Fionn (WHQ 4) and Geordie (Blitz B 8) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Geordie.  In addition game 43 between OpFor (Blitz B 4) and TufenHuden (BoB T1 11) ended in a Major Victory for TufenHuden.

27 Feb 05.    Game 10 between Panzerjaeger (Blitz A 1) and Smashing(FGM) (FGM 10) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Smashing(FGM).

26 Feb 05.    Game 4 between Lighthorse(FGM) (FGM 4) and Mr Yormsha (Blitz B 7) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Mr Yormsha.

24 Fb 05.    Game 24 between Norad (WHQ 2) and Dennis Bloodknock (BoB T2 8) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Norad.

19 Feb 05.    Game 33 between Buczo (CMHQ PL T1 3) and Falco(FGM) (Blitz B 9) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Buczo.

17 Feb 05.    Game 16 between MichaelU (BoB T1 5) and Spears (Blitz C 7) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Spears.  Only 10 games now remain to be completed.

13 Feb 05.    Game 44 between Cora von Izabelin (CMHQ PL T2 4) and Yotuck (BoB T1 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Cora.

12 Feb 05.    Game 22 between BigDork1001 (BoB T2 3) and Dirty Duck (Blitz A 8) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

10 Feb 05.    Game 2 between Seydlitz(FGM) (FGM 2) (Team Captain) and Klosiu (CMHQ PL T1 7) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Klosiu.

6 Feb 05.    Game 50 between Redwolf (WHQ 5) and Hagleboz (Blitz A 11) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Hagleboz.

5 Feb 05.    Game 30 between Kutuzow (CMHQ PL T3 2) and JVS Fugitive (WHQ 9) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

4 Feb 05.    Game 51 between Patrick Blau (CMHQ PL T1 6) and Herroberst (Blitz A 12) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Herroberst.

3 Feb 05.    Game 7 between Mike8g (BoB T1 1  Captain) and Devil Thomas(FGM) (FGM 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).  Also, game 17 between Filip von Izabelin (CMHQ PL T1 1  Captain) and PiggDogg (BoB T1 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

1 Feb 05.    Game 6 between McEvilly (FGM 6) and Guderian (CMHQ PL T1 10) ended in a Draw (1pt each).  Also, game 19 between JakeTKE (Blitz B 1) and SeanyB1 (BoB T1 9) ended in Major Victory (4pts) to SeanyB1.

31 Jan 05.    Game 56 between Pioneer [RT] (Blitz C 5) and Wittman (CMHQ PL T1 12) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Wittman.

30 Jan 05.    Game 55 between Marczol (CMHQ PL T3 4) and Stormdog (Blitz B 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Stormdog.

29 Jan 05.    Game 36 between Fabko (CMHQ PL T2 3) and Monster Co (Blitz B 10) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Fabko.

28 Jan 05.    Game 41 between Top_Secret (Blitz C 4) and Micheal Wittman (CMHQ PL T3 10) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

27 Jan 05.    Game 13 between Bigmac644 (BoB T1 2) and BigMik1 (WHQ 7) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for BigMik1.

26 Jan 05.    Game 53 between Herr Schacht (Blitz B 6) and jp2 (CMHQ PL T3 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for jp2.

25 Jan 05.    Game 35 between Red Devil (Blitz A 3) and Wiggins (CMHQ PL T1 9) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Wiggins.  Also game 47 between Bamsey (CMHQ PL T1 5) and Sgt Swanson (BoB T2 11) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Bamsey.

23 Jan 05.    Game 3 between Schutzstaffel(FGM) FGM 3 and Holmes (CMHQ PL T3 7)  (Team Captain) ended in Major Victory (4pts) for Holmes.

21 Jan 05.    Game 21 between Badhaggis (BoB T2 2) and Pejotl (CMHQ PL T3 8) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Badhaggis.  This victory takes BoB T2 'The New Threat' to the top of the league table, narrowly overtaking the FGM.

19 Jan 05.    Game 48 between LSSAH (CMHQ PL T3 6) and Twodogswonton (BoB T2 12) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Twodogswonton.

17Jan 05.    Mankan in Blitz Team B has had to drop out.  He is being replaced by Geordie(FGM).  Mr Yormsha has replaced Hollander in the same team.

16 Jan 05.    Game 39 between Wasper (CMHQ PL T3 3) and Haksaeng (Blitz A 9) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Wasper.

15 Jan 05.    Guys, some of these outstanding games are coming along too slowly.  Please try and exchange at least a file a day.

14 Jan 05.    Game 15 between Erwin (BoB T1 4) and Nikita (Blitz A 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).  Hollander from team Blitz B has had to withdraw.  A replacement is being arranged.

13 Jan 05.    Game 40 between General Wile E. Coyote (Blitz B 3) and Ordonez (CMHQ PL T3 9) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Ordonez.

12 Jan 05.    Game 32 between Fox (Blitz C 2) and Yohajin (WHQ 11) ended in a Draw (1 pt each).  Vcitor Charlie from Blitz Team B has had to withdraw.  A| replacement is being arranged.

11 Jan 05.    Game 26 between 107th Cav (Blitz B 2) and Panzerbob44 (BoB T2 10) ended in a Total Victory for Panzerbob44, also, game 46 between Cos (BoB T2 6) and Peek (Blitz A 10) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Cos.

10 Jan 05.    Game 58 between Tlaocel (CMHQ PL T2 5) and Erwin von Rommel (Blitz C 10) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Erwin von Rommel.

9 Jan 05.    Game 5 between Panzertwat(FGM) (FGM 5) and Shogun (CMHQ PL T3 11) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Panzertwat.

8 Jan 05.    Game 9 between el F (CMHQ PL T2 1) and 7thCav (FGM 9) ended in a Draw (1 pt each).  Also, game 57 between MVDH (Blitz C 6) and GAZ NZ (WHQ 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for GAZ NZ.

7 Jan 05.    Game 38 between Firelord (Blitz C 3) and Faloxx (CMHQ PL T2 10) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Faloxx.

6 Jan 05.    Game 12 between Nelson1812 (BoB T1 6) and Antoni Chmielowski(FGM) (FGM 12) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Antoni.  Game 27 between Artur (WHQ 3) and Woland (CMHQ PL T2 8) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

5 Jan 05.    Game 11 between Pacestick (Blitz C 1) and Moondog Duke of Boots(FGM) (FGM 11) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Moondog.  Game 34 between Mac (CMHQ PL T1 4) and Herrbixx (Blitz C 9) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Herrbixx.

4 Jan 05.    Game 1 between Chris Martino(FGM) (FGM 1) and Dapickaxe (BoB T2 7) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Chris Martino(FGM).  Game 14 between Bitterboy (BoB T1 3) and Feretrius (CMHQ PL T2 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

3 Jan 05.    A major update to the site today after being distracted by family (in a good way), and being laid up in bed for several days with some virus (in a bad way !).  It is apparent that whilst the X-Mas / New Year holiday period is an opportunity for some players to push on with their games, it is a source of major disruption for others.  I have therefore decided to extended the duration of the Joust until 28 Feb 05.
Game 8 between The Purist (WHQ 1) and Jimzalabim(FGM) (FGM 8)  ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for The Purist.
Game 29 between MGK (CMHQ PL T1 2) and Scipio (WHQ 8) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Scipio.
Game 59 between Marko 123 (CMHQ PL T2 6) and Sphinx (Blitz C 11) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Marko 123.

1 Jan 05.    Happy New Year everyone.

31 Dec 04.    Hummmm, we still seem to have a handful of games that have yet to start.  It is time to start sending a few E-Mails I think.

30 Dec 04.    Game 60 between Bonk (CMHQ PL T3 5) and Mr Yormsha (Blitz C 12) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Mr Yormsha.

29 Dec 04.    Game 18 between Decayero (CMHQ PL T3 1) and PlatCmdr (BoB T1 8) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for PlatCmdr.

28 Dec 04.    Sent the following message out to the team captains:
"Guys, I still have a bunch of games where the players haven't reported that they have started their games.  It is time to get the game progress log up to date.  Please help me out here, and E-Mail ALL your team members and ask them to report in to me with the status of their games, as per the fomat in the tournament rules.
Many thanks

27 Dec 04.    Game 42 between Grapebiker (Blitz A 5) and TrippleA302 (BoB T1 10)  ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for TrippleA302.  In addition, game 45 between Buster2 (BoB T2 5) and Gotfryd z Bouillon (CMHQ PL T2 11) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

25 Dec 04.    The seasons greetings to everyone :-)

24 Dec 04.    Game 52 between Boff (WHQ 6) and Bartokomus (Blitz B 11) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Boff. In addition, game 31 between Glider (Blitz A 2) and Osvold (WHQ 10) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Glider.

22 Dec 04.    Game 52 between Soldier (Blitz B 5) and ZiP (CMHQ PL T1 11) has finished with a Minor Victory (2pts) to Zip.

17 Dec 04.    The first game of the competition has been finished.  In Game 49 Martti Kylmälä (Blitz A 6) won a Major Victory (4pts) over Gro_oby (CMHQ PL T2 12).

14 Dec 04.    Most games seem to have started, not too many difficulties encountered thus far.

7 Dec 04.    The tournament oficially starts today.
Posted the following E-Mail out to all players:
"Gentlemen (and lady)
I am pleased to announce the start of the 2004 CMAK Armoured (Team) Joust.  Can I remind you to:
1.    Re-read the tournament rules which are at Version 1.1
2.    Look on the Game Progress Page to see which battle your fighting in.
3.     Agree with your opponent what size battle you are going to fight  (I would urge you all to fight using the 5,000 point option, as I am sure this provides for a better game).
4.    The Axis player sets the game up.
5.    Use the password set by your team captain.  (Important)
6.    Advise me when you send your first file to your opponent, using the reporting format as explained in Para 20 of the rules.    (This is important as well)
7.    If you do send me any correspond please always include your Nickname and use my address.
This is the largest tournament I have ever run and to help keep admin to manageable levels I need to involved the team captains to a greater extent than I have done in the previous Jousts.  If you are having difficulties with your game  i.e. your opponent has gone missing for example, contact his team Captain in the first instance cc to your own.
That all for now, start your engines and get those tanks movingggggggggggggggggg   !!!!!!!!!!!!!
May the best team win !!!
Remember................. What we do in life, echoes in eternity...........

6 Dec 04.    Completed the Game Progress page which now becomes the page to watch really for the remained of the tournament.  The game settings have been changed and the rules upgraded to Version 1.1.  Please note that Fog Of War is EXTREME.

5 Dec 04.    Its my birthday !  LOL.  Uploaded the E-Mail addresses for the Band of Bothers teams.

1 Dec 04.    Did the draw and uploaded the details.  Planning to start the tournament on the 7th December.

31 Nov 04.    Recieved confirmation that both the Blitz and Band of Brothers can field extra teams.  This takes the tournament to 10 teams (120 players).

26 Nov 04.    The map has been replaced by one more in keeping with North Africa.  My thanks to the Pursit for designing it.  The original map designed by Lighthorse(FGM) will be used in the CMAK (Inf) Tournament instead.

24 Nov 04.    The Blitz has 2 full teams now.  Band of Brothers will definately field 1, maybe 2 even ?  I'll do the draw on the 27th when teams are confirmed.

21 Nov 04.    An update guys.  Recruitment has been underway for a couple of weeks now, however some teams have still to be sorted.  Proposed time scales are now:
        27 Nov 04    Teams are confirmed, as are the map and game parameters, and the draw is made.
        4 Dec 04.    Tournament starts.

8 Nov 04.    Put the following message out on the Blitz and FGM Message Boards.  (Message)
"Gentlemen, the CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust is coming to an end.  It is now time to start recruiting for the third and final tournament in the series, the CMAK Armoured (Team) Joust.  Full details have still to worked out, but the set-up will probably be a Quick Battle on a Large Map supplied for the game with an optional set-up of either 3,000 or 5,000 points of Armour.  Period and Armour selection to be advised shortly.  (1942 favoured at the moment)
My thoughts are to retain the same teams in so far as possible.  New players to the tournament in the first instance taking the places of those original players who can't or don't want to participate this time, but after that perhaps forming a new team. (let's wait and see on that one)
As normal guys, let me know by a posting on this thread if you are interested.  Team captains (assuming your interested), perhaps you could contact your current team members directly on this topic and let them know about it.  I'm thinking of a start date towards the end of this month.
Strength and honour

4 Nov 04.    I am pleased to confirm that Warfare HQ have confirmed that they will be joining in this Joust and fielding at least one team.  Glad to have you along guys. :-)

29 Oct 04.    Created this web site.

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