Welcome to the homepage of the ‘CMBO Armoured Joust’ between the Few Good Men (FGM), Band Of Brothers, CMHQ PL Combat Mission Ladder and the members of the Blitzkrieg Wargames Club.  The tournament started on 6th September 04 and finished on 22 Sept 04.

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Strength and honour !

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22 Nov 04.    2 games still remain to be finished however the result of the tournament is now clear.
    1st with 32 points CMHQ PL Team 1
    2nd with 27 points BoB amd CMPQ PL Team 2
    3rd with (at least) 20 points Blitz Team C 'The Wicked'

Congratulations to CMHQ PL Team 1 on their second victory in the Armoured Joust series and a big thank you to all the players who took part in the Joust in all the teams.

21 Nov 04.    Game 3 between Major Woody (FGM 3) and Cora von Izabelin (CMHQ PL T2 7) has ended in a Tactical Victory to Cora von Izabelin.  In addition Game 25 between Wielki (CMHQ PL T1 5) and Firelord (BLITZ C 9) ended in a Draw (1pt each)

18 Nov 04.    Contacted all players with games outstanding with the following E-Mail:
"Guys (Players in games 11,12 and 25), the CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust ends this coming Saturday 20th Nov, and I
intend to announce the formal result and after performing an update on the site will cease all further work in it.
You have several options:
1. Exchange sufficient game files to finish the game.
2. Organise a TCP-IP game in the next day or so.
3. Both players can request a ceasefire on the next turn you process.  This will bring the game to an end, and the game system will adjudicate a result.  If you wish to continue the game between yourselves, provide you keep the old files, you can always back-track and continue the game in the normal manner.
4. You can agree a result between yourselves, and let me know what you decide.
Please E-Mail ASAP with what option you plan to pursue."

14 Nov 04.    Game 10 between Panzerjaeger (BLITZ A 1) and Seydlitz (FGM 10) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Panzerjaeger.

13 Nov 04.    Game 38 between Kellys Hero (2) BLITZ C 5 and Feretrius (CMHQ PL T2 12) ended in a Major Victory to Feretrius (4pts).

11 Nov 04.    Game 41  between Fridericus (BLITZ C 6) and Octo (BLITZ B 11) ended in a Total Victory (5pts) for Fridericus.

9 Nov 04.    The follow on Tournament, the CMAK Armoured (Team) Joust has had the requisite web site created.  All participants in this tournamanet are invited to enrole for the new one.

8 Nov 04.    Game 23 between ALSTAR(GenArieL) 2  (CMHQ PL T1 3) and Haksaeng (BLITZ A 9) ended in a Total Victory to ALSTAR(GenArieL) 2 (5pts).

7 Nov 04.    The deadline for the completion of the tournament has been reached.   With 10 games remaining activity now needs to be focused on bring them to a finish within a fortnight.  I shall be contacting the Team Captains see how this might be best done.  Game 24 between GNAROS (CMHQ PL T1 4) and Jaws (BLITZ B 9) ended in a Minor Victory to GNAROS (2pts).  Also, Game 35 between Dadsturf (BLITZ A 4) and Machabeusz (CMHQ PL T2 9) ended in a Minor Victory to Machabeusz (2pts).

6 Nov 04.    Game 31 between Clown (CMHQ PL T2 3) and Nort (BLITZ A 10) ended in a Tactical Victory to Clown (3pts).  Also, Game 21 between 107th Cav (BLITZ B 2) and Ace (BoB 11) ended in a Major Victory to Ace (4pts).

5 Nov 04.    Game 7 between Waleed0044 (BoB 1) and Jimzalabim (FGM 7) ended in a Total Victory for Waleed0044 (5pts)

3 Nov 04.    Game 27 between Red Devil BLITZ A 3 and Buczo (CMHQ PL T1 9) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Red Devil. Also game 32 between Tlaocel (CMHQ PL T2 4) and Monster Co (BLITZ B 10) ended in a Tactical Victory to Tlaocel (3pts).  Furthermore, game 19 between Drackula (CMHQ PL T2 2) and TommieSL (BoB 9) ended in a Major Victory for TommieSL (4pts).

30 Oct 04.    Game 5 between Geordie (FGM 5) and Hollander (BLITZ B 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).  Also, game 22 between Hessians (BLITZ C 2) and PiggDogg (BoB 12) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Hessians.

27 Oct 04.    Game 9 between el F (CMHQ PL T2 1) and Seige (FGM 9) ended in a Tactical Victory to el F (3pts).

25 Oct 04.    Game 8 between Dexter (CMHQ PL T1 1) and 7thCav (FGM 8) ended in a Total Victory (5pts) for Dexter.  Also, game 33 between Fario (CMHQ PL T2 5) and Madox (BLITZ C 10) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Madox.

21 Oct 04.    Game 34 between Fabko (CMHQ PL T2 6) and Fox (BLITZ C 11) ended in Minor Victory (2pts) for Fabko.

20 Oct 04. Game 15 between TufenHuden (BoB 4) and Bantam (BLITZ A 8) ended in a Tactical Victory to TufenHuden (3pts).  Also, game 29 between Panther Bait (BLITZ C 3) and Guderian (CMHQ PL T1 11) ended in Minor Victory (2pts) for Guderian.

13 Oct 04.    Game 39 between Soldier (BLITZ B 5) and Herroberst (BLITZ A 12) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

10 Oct 04. Game 37 between Zevious (BLITZ C 4) and Wierzba (CMHQ PL T2 11) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

8 Oct 04.    Game 17 between MichaelU (BoB 6) and Kellys Hero (BLITZ C 8) ended in a Tactical Victory to Kellys Hero (3pts) also Game 13 between Yotuck (BoB 2) and MGK (CMHQ PL T1 8) ended Minor Victory to Yotuck (2pts).

6 Oct 04.    Game 28 between Gravy (BLITZ B 3) and JOY (CMHQ PL T1 10) ended in a Total Victory (5pts) for JOY.

4 Oct 04.    Game 40 between Herr Schacht (BLITZ B 6) and Sphinx (BLITZ C 12) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for Sphinx.  Game 6 between Lighthorse (FGM 6) and Tribun (BLITZ C 7) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Tribun.

28 Sep 04.    Game 30 between Grapebiker (BLITZ A 5) and ALSTAR(GenArieL) (CMHQ PL T1 12) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for ALSTAR(GenArieL).

24 Sep 04.    Game 16 between Skookin (BoB 5) and Speedyninja (BLITZ B 8) ended in a Total Victory (5pts) to Skookin.

22 Sep 04.    Game 18 between Merkav (CMHQ PL T1 2) and TrippleA302 (BoB 8) ended in a Tactical Victory to Merkav (3pts).  In addition, Game 26 between Klosiu (CMHQ PL T1 6) and Owl (BLITZ A 11) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) to Klosiu.

20 Sep 04.    Game 14 between Erwin (BoB 3) and Lidias (CMHQ PL T2 8) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

18 Sep 04.    Uploaded the first pictures onto the Players Reports page.  The first contributors being Glider and McEvilly.

14 Sep 04.    Game 4 between McEvilly (FGM 4) and Hunter2 (BLITZ A 7) ended in a Draw (1pt each).

13 Sep 04.    Game 2 between Antoni Chmielowski (FGM 2) and Filip von Izabelin (CMHQ PL T1 7) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Filip.

11 Sep 04.    The first game of the Joust has been completed !  Game 20 between Glider (BLITZ A 2) and Mike8g (BoB 10)
 ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Glider.

6 Sep 04.    Okay.  This is the official start of the CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust.  Posted the following message onto the Blitz Message Board.
"Gentlemen, I am pleased to formally announce the start of the CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust.  Can I remind all players to:
1.    Re-read the tournament rules especially the Para on force restrictions.
2.    Advise me when they exchange their first file with their opponent.
May the best team win !!!
Remember gentlemen (and lady).................. What we do in life, echoes in eternity...........
Strength and honour !!!

5 Sep 04.    Sorted the Draw out.  Now populating the Game Progress web page.

4 Sep 04.    Two of the team captains (Marcuss and Filip) noticed that I'd screwed the Draw up.  Damn !!  I need to get my head round what I've done wrong.

3 Sep 04.    Did the draw, and uploaded details onto the Game Draw web page.  Still 2 players short in the Blitz teams.  Sent the following E-Mail out to the team captains:
"Guys, I have done the draw for the 2004 Armoured (Team) Joust.  Please cast your eyes over it.  You now have opportunity to re-jig your teams if you wish.  Blitz Team A and B are still a player short.  Can I suggest that you re-configure your teams to leave Blitz A No 6 and Blitz B No 12 slots empty.  I do not propose to hold the tournament up waiting for another 2 players.  Those 2 teams will have to start short.  If no further players are forthcoming, I propose to declare a Draw between the 2 of them for that match.  Are we all content with this proposal ?  As soon as we all okay this, I will start the tournament off."

2 Sep 04.    No firm response from Warfare HQ so we can assume that they are not participating.

18 Aug 04.    Decided to see if I can recruit another team or two to play, so I contacted Warfare HQ and posted the following message on their web site:
"Gentlemen, I am a member of the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club. At the moment I am running a number of CM tournaments for the Blitz.  I have already run a CMBB Armoured (Team) Joust involving 72 players in 6 teams. With only 3 games remaining this tournament is about to end, and I am now recruiting for a CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust.
I expect that the following teams will be fielded:
1. A Few Good Men (A Blitz Clan)
2. CMHQ PL Team 1 (A Polish Clan)
3. CMHQ PL Team 2 (A Polish Clan)
4. Blitz Team A
5. Blitz Team B
6. Blitz Team C
7. Band Of Brothers
I would like to formally throw down the gauntlet to the members of Warfare HQ and invite this esteemed body of Combat Mission players to participate (if you think your up to it !  ), and field either 1 or 2 teams (12 players per team).  Should Warfare HQ feel up to this challenge, you will need nominate team captains to organize the teams. They will then need to advise me by E-Mail of the nicknames and E-Mail addresses of their respective team members.  Expected start date of the tournament is sometime in the next 2 to 4 weeks.
Strength and honour !

17 Aug 04.    General recruitment continues.  CMHQ PL have confirmed they can field 2 teams

16 Aug 04.    Created this web site.

12 Aug 04.    Positive response so far, so the tournament is a goer.

11 Aug 04.    Decided to consider running this tournament.  Put the following message out on the Blitz  and FGM Message Boards.

"Gentlemen, the CMBB Armoured (Team) Joust is coming to an end, and judging by the posts I've seen and the E-Mails I've received, it seems to have gone down really well.  My thoughts are now turning to running another team event, to see if indeed the CMHQ PL are in fact as good as the score sheet shows, or whether they have just been lucky on this occasion !! (chuckle).  In fact, I have the idea that we have three such team events. One for each of the CM game types. The sequence being CMBB (obviously the one just coming to an end), CMBO being the next, followed by CMAK.  I'm proposing therefore that next team game be a CMBO Armoured Joust. Full details still to worked out but the set-up will probably be a Quick Battle on a Large Map with an optional set-up of either 3,000 or 5,000 points of Armour.  Armour selection will be restricted as per the Fionn-Kelly Panther 76 Rule.

My thoughts are to retain the same teams in so far as possible. New players to the tournament in the first instance taking the places of those original players who can't or don't want to participate this time, but after that perhaps forming a new team. (let's wait and see on that one)
As normal guys, let me know by a posting on this thread of you are interested. Team captains (assuming your interested), perhaps you could contact your current team members directly on this topic and let them know about it.  Assuming sufficient interest I’ll throw a web site together in a couple of days.  I'm thinking of a start date in about 3 to 6 weeks.
Strength and honour

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