Welcome to the homepage of the ‘CMBB Armoured Joust’ between the Few Good Men (FGM), Band Of Brothers, CMHQ PL Combat Mission Clans and the members of the Blitzkrieg Wargames Club.  Games formally started on 9 Jun 04 and finished on 27 Aug 04.

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27 Aug 04.    The final game, game 20 between Rico and Kellys Hero has ended in a Draw.  This brings the CMBB Armoured Team Joust to an end.  Results are as follows:

1st    CMHQ PL
2nd    BofB
3rd    FGM
4th    Blitz A, B and C

Congratulations to CMHQ PL on a very emphatic victory.  They are the team to beat in future competitions !!
Well done to all players in the competition, I hope you all enjoyed the CMBB Armoured Joust and I hope to see you in future competitions.

Strength and honour !


16 Aug 04.    Game 5 between Geordie (FGM 5) and Octo (BLITZ B 11) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Geordie.

14 Aug 04.    Decided to run a follow up tournament to this one, called the 2004 CMBO Armoured (Team) Joust.

7 Aug 04.    Game 12 between Wittmann (CMHQPL 6) and Don Bend (BLITZ C 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Wittmann.

30 Jul 04.    Game 7 between Filip von Izabelin (CMHQPL 1) and Hinkar (BLITZ A 7) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Filip.  Also, Game 25 between Thorwald (BLITZ C 1) and Jimzalabim (FGM 7) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Thorwald.

23 Jul 04.    Game 9 between BamSey (CMHQPL 3) and Jaws (BLITZ B 9) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for BamSey.  Also, Game 31 between Taktik1 (BoB 1) and Merkav (CMHQPL 9) has ended in a Total Victory (5pts) to Taktik1.

20 Jul 04.    Game 19 between mTk (BLITZ B 1) and Wolfi-S (BLITZ C 7) has ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for mTk

19 Jul 04.    Game 27 between Panther Bait (Blitz C 3) and Miller41 (BofB 11) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Panther Bait.

18 Jul 04.     Game 8 between Dracula (CMHQPL 2) and Bantam (BLITZ A 8) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Dracula.

11 Jul 04.    Back from holiday today.  Lots of results to report.
    Game 36 between MichaelU (BoB 6) and Herroberst (BLITZ A 12) ended in in Total Victory (5pts) to MichaelU.
    Game 4 between DevilThomas (FGM 4) and Nort (BLITZ A 10) ended in Tactical Victory (3pts) to DevilThomas.
    Game 35 between Bitterboy101 (BoB 5) and Owl (BLITZ A 11) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) to Owl.
    Game 30 between Nashorn (BLITZ C 6) and Klosiu (CMHQPL 12) ended in a Draw (1 pt each).
    Game 13 between Erwin von Rommel (BLITZ A 1) and Nikita (BLITZ B 7) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to Nikita
    Game 29 between Arrrow (BLITZ C 5) and TrippleA302 (BoB 8) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) to TrippleA302.
    Game 26 between Hessians (BLITZ C 2) and Moondog (FGM 8) ended in Tactical Victory (3pts) to Hessians.
    Game 13 between Red Devil (BLITZ A 3) and Firelord (BLITZ C 9) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) to Red Devil

3 Jul 04.    Away on holiday for a week now.

2 Jul 04.    Game 16 between General Wile E. Coyote (Blitz A 4) and Chris Martino (Blitz C 10) ended in a Minor Victory (2 pts) for Chris Martino.  Game 24 between Herr Schacht (Blitz B 6) and Viking (FGM 12) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) for Herr Schacht.

30 Jun 04.    Game 23 between Soldier (Blitz B 5) and MGK (CMHQ PL 11) ended in a Minor Victory (2pts) for MGK.

27 Jun 04.    Game 22 between Spiked (Blitz B 4) and mike8g (BofB 10) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) to Spiked.

26 Jun 04.    Game 6 between GreenHornet (FGM 6) and Zoomie (Blitz B 12) ended in a Major Victory (4pts) to GreenHornet.

24 Jun 04.    Game 14 between Glider (Blitz A 2) and 107th Cav BLITZ B 8 ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Glider.

23 Jun 04.    Game 32 between PlatCmdr (BoB 2) and stary ZiP (CMHQ PL 10) ended in a Tactical Victory (3pts) to Stary ZiP

22 Jun 04.    Game 2 between Antoni Chmielowski(FGM) (FGM 2) and Elf (CMHQPL 8) has ended in a Major Victory (4pts) for Elf.

21 Jun 04.    Game 28 between Herrbixx (BLITZ C 4) and Nelson1812 (BoB 12) has ended in a draw (1pt each).

20 Jun 04.    I am pleased to report that the first game of the tournament has been completed.  Game 33 has finished, Platonov achieved a Total Victory over Seige(FGM).  Well done to both players for getting their game done so promptly.

17 Jun 04.    Created a web page for Player Reports & Pictures.  My thanks to both Glider and Erwin von Rommel for their contributions.

15 Jun 04.    Decided to start incorporating a few more pictures onto the site,  Glider kindly sent me screen shot from his game, so I've used that at the top of the Game Progress page.  Put a posting out on the Blitz Message Board asking players that haven't done so to confirm their game status.  Also, postings made out to the CMHQPL and BofB captains on this issue.

14 Jun 04.    Not that many games seem to have started, only 17 out of the 36.

13 Jun 04.    Slight correction to the Tournament rules to reflect how finished games should be reported.  Created a web page to show the Game Progress.

9 Jun 04.    All teams are good to go.  Slight correction made to the draw listing to correct an error shown on the BofB team for players 1 and 2.  The Tournament rules amended to reflect that this has reverted to a 3,000 point game.  The tournament is now officially declared STARTED !!   Best of luck guys.
Put the following posting out on the Blitz Message Board:
"Guys, the 2004 CMBB Armoured Joust is now officially started. The position remains as previously advised:
72 players in 6 six teams (12 players in each).
Team 1 - Few Good Men (FGM)
Team 2 - CHMQPL
Team 3 - Blitz A
Team 4 - Blitz B “The Castaways”
Team 5 - Blitz C “The Wicked”
Team 6 – Band Of Bothers (BofB)
Please take a moment to check through the Joust Rules which have now been upgraded to Version 1.0, as over the last month there have been a number of small changes.
As stated the Axis players set the games up. Can I remind all players to use the turn number sequence outlined in the rules, and to advise me by E-Mail when they send the first file of the game to their opponent.
As many of you are aware the original size of game was 3,000 points. Play-tests of the map led me to propose an increase to 5,000 points. However, this was badly received by some players who threatened to withdraw. Rather than loose one of the teams, I have reverted to the 3,000 points.
Therefore, let me formally state for the record, the 2004 CMBB Armoured Joust is a 3,000 point game.
(However, should BOTH players want (unofficially) to use 5,000 points there is nothing to stop them)
I would encourage all players to get into the spirit of the event and exchange ideas / hints / banter with their teammates. If this proves to be a successful event, and players enjoy themselves (and there is the demand of course), this could be start of a series of team-based tournaments.
Have a great game guys, and may the best team win."

3 Jun 04.    The BofB have confirmed they can field a full team.  Decided to delay the tournament until the 8th June however, due to other commitments.

2 Jun 04.    Awaiting confirmation whether the Band Of Brothers (BofB) are going to field a team.

31 May 04.    The voting on whether to make the game Pure Armour or all soft skins and half-tracks has come down firmly on Pure Armour.

29 May 04.    The map is now available from the Download page.  Have amended the Joust Rules slightly.  Non Blitz players don't have to join the Blitz to play.  Blitz players can report their games to the ladder custodian, who will award Bonus points.  Adjusted various set up parameters.

28 May 04.    With the recruitment of Nashorn, the Blitz Team C is complete.  Red Devil as the Blitz ladder leader will act as Captain to the Blitz A team.  There is a possibility that the Band Of Brothers CM Wargames Club will be fielding a team as well.

27 May 04.    Posted the following onto the Blitz Message Board:
"Okay guys, a further update on the Armoured Joust. With the addition of Herrbixx we are now only 3 players short of the third Blitz team, and I'm confident these places will be filled over the next couple of days.  My first attempt at the Mirror Map has (disappointingly) not gone well. On a quick play-test against the AI it became apparent to me that the map was way too small for the sort of battle I had envisaged. I’ll try and create another one this coming weekend. Failing that I might have to resort to a computer generated one.  In addition to disliking the map, it also became apparent, and excuse my slowness on this one, that 3,000 points doesn't get you that many tanks. When I originally proposed 3,000 points I did so because 3,000 points of combined troops can give you quite a bunch of troops to look after. 3,000 points of just tanks doesn't give you much at all. This figure WILL definitely be increased, to somewhere around 6,000 to 7,000 probably. What I'm after is the ability of a player to purchase say for example, an entire battalion of PIVG.  In a nutshell, given that this battle is meant to be an Armoured Joust, I'm thinking, right, lets have a shed of tanks per side manoeuvring on a map big enough to accommodate them.  Currently I'm planning to restrict the purchase purely to armour, and not allow soft skins and armoured cars. A couple of players have commented to me that they would have liked to use some soft skins for Recon. I have no firm feelings about this issue one way or another. Therefore gentlemen, the floor is yours to place a vote in this thread and influence this aspect of the Joust."

25 May 04.      Posted the following onto the Blitz Message Board:
"Gentlemen, a quick update on the Armoured Joust. The CMHQ PL Clan have confirmed that they can field a full team of 12. As such, their team has been incorporated into the Joust. This interesting development will provide undoubtedly add a bit of spice to the competition.  Blitz recruits are still trickling in, and we now have 4 players who are the embryo of a 3rd Blitz team. I have decided to delay the start by few days:
a) To see if we can recruit more Blitz players to make a full third team. If looking down the list you don't see your normal opponents/friends and you think they might be interested, please tell them about it.
b) My creation of the Mirror Map has been delayed due to family and other CM commitments.
At the moment the order of the players in Blitz Team A and B is a feature (in the main) of the order in which the players were recruited. Given that this is a team contest it is my view that the Blitz teams should be configured in such a way that team A has the most experienced players with Team B and C configured in this manner as well.  My current idea is that when recruitment stops and it is clear whether the 3rd team can be fielded, the participating Blitz player with the highest ladder score will be invited to be the Team A Captain (currently Red Devil). He can pick from the other Blitz players (in full teams) those that he deems to be the strongest players. If only 2 teams are fielded, the remainder with be in Team B. If 3 teams are fielded, I will pick the player with the highest ladder score from those and he can chose his team.  Happy to expand upon this idea if required, or consider any better ideas any of you may have."

24 May 04.    CMHQ PL clan have confirmed that they can field a team.  Welcome along guys, your entry has certainly spiced the joust up !   Recruits still coming in from the Blitz, so I have started a listing for the 3rd Blitz team.

23 May 04.    Blitz Team B is now full.

22 May 04.   Did a major update of the web site.

21 May 04.   Picked up on a posting on the Blitz Message Board about the CMHQ PL clan, and decided to see they wanted to field a team.

15 May 04.   The challenge has received an enthusiastic response, and it looks like the Blitz will probably be able to field 2 teams.

11 May 04.   Posted the following message onto the FGM Forum:
“I have just issued the formal challenge to the Blitz on the Message Board. There are a couple of changes are the way the tournament will be run, the most important 3 being:
1.    It only involves 1 game, not 2.
2.    Use of Redwolf force mix rules.
3.    Declaring it a team tournament.
I did the latter to involve as many players as possible. Otherwise I could have foreseen problems within the blitz over the selection criteria used to pick a team to take us on.”

10 May 04.   Posted the following formal challenge on the Blitz Message Board.
“Gentlemen.  Prepare to mount up for the CMBB Armoured Joust! A 3000 point game of pure quality tank combat set in Oct 44. One round only, team combat.  Team combat !!! What the hell are you talking about I hear you cry ?  Well here's the position……………….  I have been asked to issue the following formal challenge:
“The Few Good Men (FGM) Blitzkrieg CM Clan do hereby challenge the remainder of the Blitzkrieg players to formal CMBB combat”
The FGM team is comprised of 12 players. The snag is that I'm 100% certain that more than 12 Blitz players will want to respond to the challenge (given that there are 50 in the CMBB 'Royal Rumble'). Rather than exclude players I have therefore come up with the idea to recruit players in teams of 12. My initial default position is to fill the teams up as players are recruited. I will be open to other suggestions later, a lot depends on the number of players who wish to play.”

6 May 04.  Gave advance warning to the Blitz Message Board about a forthcoming team based tournament with the following posting:
“3000 points of pure quality tank combat. No infantry, heavy weapons or artillery. Only one battle involved. Player recruitment to start next week. Proposed start date late May. More details to be provided shortly.”

1 May 04.   A good response from the FGM makes me feel teams of 12 are achievable.

20 Apr 04.   Created this web site.

13 Apr 04.  Posted my initial thoughts onto the FGM Tournament forum.

28 Mar 04.   Bootie asked me if I would like to run a tournament for the FGM.  Viking suggested that the FGM challenge the Blitz

20 Mar 04.   Joined the Few Good Men, Combat Mission clan at the invitation of Bootie.

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