2004/5/6 CMAK (Infantry) TOURNAMENT

Welcome to the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club 2004/5 Combat Mission Africa Korps (Infantry) Knockout Tournament 'The Soft Underbelly'.  The aim of this site is to keep players up to date with developments with regard to the tournament which started on 29 Oct 2004 and finished in Sep 2006.

Please feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions.


This is a knockout tournament played over 6 rounds using CMAK.  Battles will be Infantry only affairs (Infantry, Infantry Support Weapons and limited Artillery), 2,000 or 3,000 point battles fought on specially designed maps.






ROUND 1 - Completed

ROUND 2 - Completed

ROUND 3 - Completed

ROUND 4 - Completed

ROUND 5 - Completed

ROUND 6 - Completed.




11 Sep 06.    In Round 6 in the final game of the main tournament, Glider was defeated by McIvan.  The final top three positions in the tournament are as follows:
    1st    MvIvan
    2nd    Glider
    3rd    Nemo  
Congratulations to the three of them and McIvan in particular, and a thank you to all the players who participated in this tournament.

10 Apr 06.    In Round 6 107th Cav declined to fight it out with Nemo for 3rd placed position, so Nemo is awarded the result by default.

9 Apr 06.   
Round 6 (The Final) starts today.

20 Mar 06.    Round 5 game 1 between Nemo and McIvan ended in victory for McIvan.

7 Feb 06.    Round 5 game 2 between 10thCan and Glider ended in victory for Glider.

9 Dec 05.    Round 4 game 1 between McIvan and Fuchs ended in victory for MvIvan.  This concludes Round 4.  Round 5 will start shortly.

6 Nov 05.    Round 4 game 2 between Nemo and Panzerjaeger ended in Victory for Nemo.

15 Oct 05.    Round 4 game 3 between Stalin's Organ and Glider has ended in narrow points victory to Glider.

2 Oct 05.    Round 4 game 4 between 107th Cav and Victor Charlie has ended in a narrow points victory to 107thCav.

20 Sep 05.    The last game of Round 3 has finished.  Minor Victory in game 2 to Fuchs.

3 Sep 05.    Round 4 starts today, as does Round B of the Fallback Min-Tournament.

29 Aug 05.    Game 4 between DfGardner and Nemo ended in victory for Nemo.

26 Aug 05.    Game 7 between StormDog and 107th Cav ended in a very narrow points victory for 107th Cav.

8 Aug 05.    Game 5 between Firelord and Stalin's Organ ended in very very narrow points victory for Stalin's Organ.

21 Aug 05.    The first Round of the Fall-back mini-tournament has ended.

3 Jul 05.    Game 1 beween McIvan and Phatman ended in a victory for McIvan.

26 Jun 05.    Game 8 between Victor Charlie and Lighthorse(FGM) ended in a Tactical victory for Victor Charlie.

25 Jun 05.    Game 3 between Panzerjaeger and Spears ended in victory for Panzerjaeger.

20 Jun 05.    Game 6 between Glider and Melnibone ended in victory for Glider.

26 May 05.    Round 3 starts today.  The map for Round 3 is available to download.

25 May 05.    Finished designing the map for Round 3.

8 May 05.    Started work on creating a new map for Round 3, which I expect to start next week.

7 May 05.    Game 12 between Schutzstaffel(FGM) and Melnibone ended in victory for Melnibone.  In addition game 14 has been awarded to 107th Cav with the disappearance of Winhund.  Round 2 is now officially at an end.  The Round 3 web page has been created.

20 Apr 05.    Game 9 between Fox and Firelord ended in victory for Firelord.

19 Apr 05.    Game 4 between Seydlitz(FGM) and Sandy ended in victory for Seydlitz.

18 Apr 05.    Game 5 between Panzerjaeger and DangerousDave ended in victory for Panzerjaeger.

7 Apr 05.    Game 13 between TedR and StormDog ended in victory for Stormdog.

4 Apr 05.    Game 3 between Fuchs and Peek ended in victory for Fuchs.

31 Mar 05.    Game 15 between Victor Charlie and Leto ended in victory for Victor Charlie.

27 Mar 05.    Game 16 between Red Devil and Lighthorse(FGM) ended in victory to Lighthorse(FGM).

25 Mar 05.    Game 7 between Moondog Duke Of Boots(FGM) and DfGardner ended in Draw but was awarded to DfGardner who had the points advantage.

21 Mar 05.    Game 11 between Glider and Hq21 ended in victory for Glider.

20 Mar 05.    Game 10 between Stalin's Organ and Jawsconan has ended in victory for Stalin's Organ.  Also game 8 has ended between Jenka and Nemo with a victory for Nemo.

17 Mar 05.    Game 1 between McIvan and PUG has ended in victory for McIvan.

28 Feb 05.    The first game of Round 2 has been completed.  Game 6 between Spears and Combat Junkey has ended in  victory to Spears.

17 Feb 05.    The 'Fall Back' mini--tournament starts today.

15 Feb 05.    Did the draw for the 'Fall Back' mini tournament today.  It will officially start in a couple of days time.  An E-Mail will be sent out to all the participating players.

14 Feb 05.    Most of the Round 2 games seem to be underway.

2 Feb 05.    Hummmmm, minor screw up in my E-Mail that I sent out yesterday.  The Allied player should start the game.  If however games have been already been started by the Axis player, and you are both happy to continue, don't worry about it, play on.

1 Feb 05.    Okay, at last, I am pleased to announce the start of Round 2.  My thanks to Lighthorse for designing the map in the first instance, and to Schutzstaffel for assisting with the play-test.  Hopefully you will find it as entertaining to fight on as we did.  Please note, this round is 3,000pts!!  Sent the following E-Mail out:

"Guys, round 2 of the CMAK (Infantry) Tournament 'The Soft Underbelly' starts today.  Please check the Round 2 web site to see who your opponent is, and whether you are Axis or Allies.  The Axis player starts the game using the parameters on the Rules web page, and the Round 2 map available on the Downloads page.
Please advise me when you exchange your first file with your opponent as per the tournament rules.  This is important, as otherwise I end up sending lots of E-Mails out, and the tournament admin starts to become too much.  Along the same theme, please try and maintain a regular exchange of files with your opponents and tell him cc me if your going to be away from your PC for more than a couple of days.  The majority of games in the last round went fine, but several didn't, and the workload involved in those was huge.
Anyway enjoy your games
Strength and honour !!

27 Jan 05.    Created a web page for the Fall Back! mini-tournament.

26 Jan 05.    The draw for Round 2 has been finalised (i.e. who is Axis and who is Allied) and the Web page finalised.  Also sent the following E-Mail out to all those players KO'd in Round 1:
"Gentlemen, you all participated in the CMAK (Infantry) Tournament 'The Soft Underbelly' and were knocked out in the 1st round.  I know many of you were disappointed to exit so early from the tournament, so I propose to do what I have done
before in a number of my other tournaments, and that is run a mini-tournament for those KO'd in the first round which will shadow the main tournament.  This mini-tournament will be called 'Fall Back !'
If you are interested in participating please respond (using your nickname) to this E-Mail.  Given sufficient interest I would hope to start in the next week or so.
Strength and honour

25 Jan 05.    The last game in Round 1 has been resolved.  Game 11 between Speedyninja and Spears has been adjudicated in Spears favour.

24 Jan 05.    Posted the following message onto the Blitz Message Board:
Gentlemen, a quick update for those waiting for Round 2 of the CMAK (Infantry) Tournament and the Round 2 of the Tag Team Tournament.  Real life stuff and other CM commitments have continued to delay things. That said progress is being made...............
CMAK Inf Tournament
I have settled on the map to use (one designed by (FGM)Lighthorse), however, the parameters to use with it are currently being play tested by (FGM) Schutzstaffel at the moment, and various aspects are being tried out. I still have a game to adjudicate as well. I'm hopeful that I will be able to announce the start on Wednesday evening.

23 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 23 between The Warrior and Schutzstaffel(FGM) ended in victory for Schutzstaffel(FGM) (Allies)

22 Jan 05.    Awaiting the result of one last game still..

19 Jan 05.    Round 1 game between Sandy and Ekrommen ended in a victory for Sandy.  In addition game 29 was awarded to Leto after the disappearance of AC.  I have been sent the passwords to adjudicate game 11.

18 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 31 between Aysi and Lighthorse(FGM) ended in a Minor Victory to Lighthorse(FGM).

15 Jan 05.    For those games outstanding please ended then ASAP.

12 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 27 between Winhund and Hessians ended in a victory for Winhund.

11 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 4 between Uxcva and Phatman ended in victory for Phatman (Allies).

10 Jan 05.    E-Mailed out the following message to all players who have still to complete their games:
Guys, the CMAK Inf Tournament Round 1 deadline (15 Jan) approaches.  Please update me on the progress of your respective games.  If you do not feel you will complete the game for 15th Jan, please consider either finishing the game by TCP-IP or by calling a ceasefire.  If this is not a solution that can be accepted by both parties, then as a last resort I will adjudicate a result.

7 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 18 between Firelord and Herr Schacht ended in victory for Firelord (Axis).

3 Jan 05.    Round 1 game 28 between Jimzalabim(FGM) and 107th Cav ended in victory for 107thCav (Allies).

1 Jan 05.    Happy New Year to all CM players the world over.

31 Dec 04.    9 games have still to be completed, so I have decided to extended the tournament deadline by a fortnight until 15 Jan 05.

25 Dec 04.    Merry Christmas to all participants in the tournament !

24 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 15 between McEvilly(FGM) and Jenka ended in victory for Jenka when McEvilly had to withdraw.

20 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 10 between Panzerjaeger and Dirty Duck ended in victory for Panzerjaeger. In addition, game 5 between Pioneer[RT] and Fuchs ended in victory for Fuchs (Allies).

18 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 19 between Chris Martino(FGM) and Stalin's Organ ended in a victory for Stalin's Organ (Allies)

17 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 9 between DangerousDave and Wittman(CMHQ PL) ended in victory for DangerousDave (Axis).

15 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 3 between Col. Falkenberg and Dobie ended in a victory for Robert Goldsmith.

14 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 12 between Combat Junkey and Marko ended in victory for Combat Junkey.

5 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 13 between DfGardner between General Colt ended in a victory for DfGardner.

4 Dec 04.    Round 1 game 22 between Hq21 and Herroberst ended in a victory for Hq21.
Game 24 between Melnibone and General Wile E. Coyote ended in a victory for Melnibone.
Game 16 between Nemo and Zemke ended in a victory for Nemo.
Game 14 between Moondog Duke Of Boots(FGM) and Liebchen ended in a victory for Moondog Duke Of Boots(FGM).

31 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 7 between Panzertwat(FGM) and Seydlitz(FGM) ended in a victory for Seydlitz(FGM).   Game 2 between Dadsturf and PUG ended in a points victory for PUG.  Game 17 between Fox and Herrbixx(FGM) ended in victory for Fox.  Game  21 between Glider and PurpleAce ended in victory for Glider.

24 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 26 between StormDog and Antoni Chmielowski(FGM) ended in a victory for StormDog.

22 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 1 between McIvan and Ypsilon ended in a victory for McIvan.

17 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 20 between GreenHornet(FGM) and Jawsconan ended in victory for Jawsconan.

16 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 6 has been completed.  Peek beating Soldier.

15 Nov 04.    Round 1 game 30 has been completed between Bootie(FGM) and Victor Charlie, and ended in a Victory for Victor Charlie.

8 Nov 04.     Just over a week into the tournament and of the 32 game in Round 1, 4 have yet to start, 4 have partially started, 23 are in progress, and 1 has finished.
I would like to draw all players attention to a posting on the Blitz Message Board about the impending CMAK Armoured (Team) Joust.

2 Nov 04.    The first game Round 1 of the tournament is over.  In game 32 Red Devil beat Bulldozer The Real.  Now that is what I call a swift PBEM game !!  :-)

29 Oct 04.    Round 1 of the tournament officially starts today.  The Allied player is to start the game.  All players are reminded to use the turn numbering sequence outlined in the rules, and to notify the umpire when they send their first turn to their opponent.  In addition when players E-Mail me can they always please include their Blitz nickname somewhere.

28 Oct 04.    Made some very minor adjustments to the start zones on the map and uploaded the final version to use onto the web site.  (Inf-Tourn-V4-Final.cmg).  The poll undertaken on the Blitz Message Board (link) showed conclusively that the majority of players prefer a Variable turn ending.  The Tournament Rules have been modified accordingly.

27 Oct 04.    Did the Draw today, and uploaded it.  Short of time at the moment, but will tidy the page up over the coming days.

23 Oct 04.    Sent the following E-Mail out to all players:
Gentlemen, we are a week away from the start of the Blitzkrieg 2004 CMAK (Infantry) Tournament.  The tournament itself will take place over 6 rounds, and it will take approximately a year to complete, as each round will take 2 months.  In recent tournaments I have been plagued with players dropping out.  Please consider whether you can fully commit to see this through.  Now is the time to confirm to me that you wish to proceed or to drop out.  Please confirm your position by return of E-Mail.

22 Oct 04.    No negative feedback has been received regarding the map, so apart from some craters that I will add during the coming week, it will remain unchanged for Round 1 of the competition.  The tournament is now full with 64 players recruited.

20 Oct 04.    Posted the following message on the Blitz:
"The number of players who have expressed an interest keeps going up. There are 56 shown on the web site, and I have a further 2 names to add taking the total to 58.  I have decided to fix an upper limit of 64 (for the moment), as this is the ideal number for 6 knockout rounds (64/32/16/8/4/2).  When the 64 slots are filled, any extra players will be listed as reserves.

18 Oct 04.    Spam is becoming a real pain for many players, so to prevent spider bots collecting e-mail addresses from my sites, I have replaced the @ sign with (--dialer--).

17 Oct 04.    Posted the following message onto the CM Blitz Message Board:
Okay gentlemen, the time scale for the Tournament is as follows:
This week will be used to further refine the map.
On Friday 22nd the map will be locked, at the same time I will E-Mail all those players who have expressed an interest to date, and ask them to confirm that they still wish to play.
On Wednesday 27th the draw will be made.
On Friday 29th Round 1 of the Tournament will start. "

15 Oct 04.    Further development on the map done to add more flags and 'tweak' the terrain.  At the moment 47 players have been recruited.  Created the page for Round 1.

14 Oct 04.    Finished a first attempt at a Map for Round 1.  Created a Downloads web page where the scenario file can be obtained.  Appealed for play testers on the Blitz Message Board.

13 Oct 04.    Refreshed this page, added this diary element, and placed a couple of posting on the Battlefront web site, just for the hell of it.  As a point of clarification, all the battles will be Meeting Engagements.  The Round 1 Map will be available to download and play-test approximately one week prior to the start of the tournament.  Finished the Tournament Rules web page.

12 Oct 04.    Over 30 players currently recruited.  Started work on the Map to use for Round 1.

10 Oct 04.    Created this site and placed the following message on the Blitz Message Board
"Guys, one of my long running tournaments is coming to an end. Last week the final of the CMBO Mirror Map Tournament between Dexter and Glider started.
I'm now turning my thoughts to the next one. After some contemplation, I've decided to make this one an CMAK Infantry only affair. (As a balance to the Armoured Jousts)

Period: 1944
Location: Italy
Maps: Either randomly generated, or Mirror Maps designed by me.
Forces: Infantry only.
Points per battle: 2,000
Tournament type: Knockout
To Start: Late November

I'll create a web site and flesh the details out over the coming days. Let me know if your interested.

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First created on 10 Oct 04.    Last amended on 20 Dec 04.