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11 Feb 05.    The tournament is at an end.  From the 36 players who started out, the final positions are as follows:
1st    Glider
2nd    Herrbixx
3rd    Scrat
Thank you to all the players that participated in the tournament.

10 Feb 05.    The Castway mini-tournament final has been completed between PUG and 107thCav.  107thCav is the mini-tournament champion.

5 Feb 05.    Round 6 game 1 has finished. Herrbixx was defeated by Glider. Glider is the tournament champion !!!   Third place was taken by Scrat who narrowly defeated Haksaeng.

13 Jan 05.    Round 6, the Final starts today.  In addition, Scrat and Haksaeng are going to battle it out for third position.

12 Jan 05.    Round 5 Game 2 has finished. Haksaeng was defeated by Herrbixx.

7 Jan 05. Round 5 Game 1 has finished.  Scrat was narrowly defeated by Glider.

20 Dec04.    Round 5, the semi-final starts today.

17 Dec 04.    Round 4 game 1 has finished. Hessians was very narrowly defeated by Scrat. In addition, in game 3 Hollander was defeated by Herrbixx.

4 Dec 04.    Round 4 Game 2 has finished.  Nort was defeated by Glider.

17 Nov 04.    In the Castaway Tournament, Round 2 Game 1 Haksaeng and Octo have drawn.  I have rolled a dice and Octo goes onto the next round of the Castaway tournament.  Haksaeng moves across as a wild card entry into Round 5 of the main tournament.

3 Nov 04.    Round 3 Game 2 has finshed.  PzSW was defeated by Herrbixx.  That concludes Round 3.  Round 4 starts today.

7 Oct 04.    Round 3 Game 1 has finished.  Seydlitz(FGM) was defeated by Scrat.

7 Sep 04.    Round 3 Game 4 has finished.  Dooley suffered a Tactical Defeat by Hessians.

19 Aug 04.    Round 3 Game 5 has finished.  Spiked was narrowly defeated by Nort.

18 Aug 04.    Round 3 Game 4 has finished.  Viking(FGM) suffered a Tactical defeat at the hands of Glider.

14 Aug 04.    With Wolfi-s withdrawing, Herrbixx who was due to go through on a bye, mow plays PzSW.

11 Aug 04.    Wolfi-s has been in contact and advised that he is off to Japan for a year and so will have to withdraw from the tournament.  As he hasn't yet started his game in Round 3 this does not present a problem.

1 Aug 04.    Created a separate web page for the Castaway mini tournament.

28 Jul 04.    Round 2 Game 8 has finished.  Panzerjaeger was defeated by Seydlitz(FGM).

14 Jul 04.    Round 3 Game 6 has finished.  Peek was defeated by Hollander.

9 Jul 04.   In the Cast-Away tournament, Martyr managed a Tactical Victory over (FGM) Moondog Duke of Boots.

23 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 2 has finished.  Rommel has been defeated by Dooley.  Also, DevilThomas(FGM) has been defeated by Glider.

21 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 12 has finished.  mTk has been defeated by Viking(FGM).

17 Jun 04.    Uploaded an AAR done by Herrbixx.

16 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 5 has finished.  Gravy has been defeated by Nort.

15 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 3 has finished.  Flaming-zippo has been defeated by Herrbixx

14 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 9 has finished.  7th Cav(FGM) has been defeated by Scrat.

11 Jun 04.    Round 2 Game 6 has finished.  Don Bend has been defeated by Hessians.

30 May 04.    Round 2 Game 7 has finished.  Antoni Chmielowski(FGM) has been defeated by Peek.

29 May 04.    To date, 16 players have expressed an interest in a Best Losers Mini-Tournament.  At Von Hoovers suggestion, it will be called 'Cast Away'.  Decided to do a draw with the 16 players who have responded to my E-Mail of the 26 May.  Subsequent players will need to be paired up to participate.

26 May 04.    Round 2 has started today.   Sent the following E-Mail out to all the players who had been knocked out in Round 1.
"You were all unlucky enough to be knocked out of the first round of the 2004 CMBB QB Tournament ‘The Royal Rumble’.  I know many of your were disappointed to exit the tournament so early, therefore I am proposing to run a Best Losers Mini-Tournament.  It will run in tandem along side the main tournament.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating."

25 May 04.    Round 1 Game 25 has finished.  Oberstprinzvonwittgenstein narrowly defeated Zoomie. Round 2 can now start.

21 May 04.    Round 1 Game 10 has finished.  Octo has been defeated by Glider.

20 May 04.    Deadline for the finish of Round 1.  2 games outstanding.  The players concerned have been asked to finish as per earlier instructions.

19 May 04.    A few more games have just finished.  Hinkar defeated Hulldown, Gravy defeated Jimzalabim, and Dolley defeated Pioneer.

18 May 04.    Posted 2 messages onto the Blitz message board:

"A quick thank you to the following players, Herroberst, FGM) Seydlitz, Hulldown, Herrbixx, ROMMEL, (FGM)Smashing, Hinkar, (FGM) Antoni Chmielowski, Hinkar and Ant Attack for the feedback they gave in an earlier thread in response to the questions I asked about the some aspects of the ‘Royal Rumble’ tournament.  Given the overwhelming endorsement of the current size of the battlefields and the 25 turn duration I can confirm that I shall remain with the existing published set-up for the coming rounds.  The one change to the tournament that I intend to implement at the end of round 1 is the incorporation of a best loser mini-tournament. What the hell is this about I hear you ask ! Well….. those players that get knocked out in Round 1 can if they wish go into their own mini-knockout tournament. This will run along side the main tournament and use the same scenario set-ups and rules. "

"This posting is for the players involved in the CMBB QB Tournament ‘The Royal Rumble’ that have yet to finish their Round 1 game.  Current status is as follows:
25 games in round 1, 20 were completed as of last night.
This leaves a total of 5 games still in progress.
To ensure that the tournament does not loose pace I have decided NOT to extend the deadline date again. For those 10 players with the 5 games still in progress, you have the following options:
1. Complete your game by upping your PBEM turn-round rate or arranging a TCP/IP link up.
2. One player concedes defeat.
3. Both declare a truce.
4. The Umpire plays the game to resolution. On or before 20th May both players give orders to their troops, and then pass the files to me along with their Passwords. I play the game through, and advise the result.

Of those options No 3 is the least satisfactory. I'm only happy to do that if BOTH players agree.  Please discuss these scenarios with your playing partner and advise me either by E-mail or this message board which option you are pursuing."

17 May 04.    Round 1, Game 14 has finished.  Chris Martino has been defeated by Rommel.  Also Ant Attack has been defeated by Panzerjaeger, and GreenHornet(FGM) has been defeated by Seydlitz(FGM).

13 May 04.    Round 1, Game 12 has finished.  Tribun has been defeated by Hollander.

12 May 04.    Round 1, Game 17 has finished.  Haksaeng has been defeated by Viking(FGM).

10 May 04.    Round 1, Game 13 has finished.  Martyr has been defeated by Fridericus.

9 May 04.    Round 1, Game 15 has finished.  Moondog Duke of Boots(FGM) has been defeated by Hessians.

7 May 04.    I can announce the completion of the following games in Round 1.  In Game 3 Flaming Zippo defeated Von Hoover.  In Game 4 Herrbixx defeated JakeTKE.  In Game 23 (TAC)tical im(PAC)t defeated 107thCav.  Game 5 has resulted in a Drawn game.  Having reviewed the files, I have decided (exceptionally) to let both players through to the next round.  Given that the next round would have had an uneven number of players, this just equals it up.

6 May 04.    Today was the deadline day for Round 1.  Of the 25 games only 12 have been completed, so I have decided to extend the deadline by a fortnight.  Can all players with games still running please make every effort to complete by this date, and consider using a TCP/IP link-up to finish.

3 May 04.    Round 1, Game 11 has finished.  Tailend Bryan has had to withdraw.  Dobie goes through to the next round.

2 May 04.    Round 1, Game 22 has finshed,  Antoni Chmielowski(FGM) has been defeated by KTN.

29 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 1 has finished.  Madox has been defeated by mTk.

27 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 24 has finished.  PUG has been defeated by 7th Cav(FGM).

26 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 21 has finished.  Herroberst was defeated by Peek.

19 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 18 has finished.  Geordie(FGM) has been defeated by DevilThomas(FGM).

18 Apr 04.    E.J.B. has changed his nickname to (TAC)tical im(PAC)t.

17 Apr 04.    Created a Downloads Page to provide an easier place to get files.  The Stug III video has now been joined by two of a restored running Panther.  Sent E-Mails out to a couple of players to check on the progress of their games.

16 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 25 between Oberstprinzvonwittgenstein should be starting shortly.

12 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 9 has finished.  Warrior has been defeated by Spiked.

9 Apr 04.    Round 1, Game 18 has finished.  Grapebiker has been defeated by Don Bend.
        BeatGuy83 has had to withdraw due to technical difficulties.  I have re-jigged things slightly.  His original opponent 107th Cav is now fighting E.J.B.  If Oberstprinzvonwittgenstein confirms that he is still playing, he will now be paired off against a new player just joined as a reserve, Zoomie.

7 Apr 04.    The first game of the tournament has finished.  In Round 1 Game 16 Bootie was defeated by Scrat.  Well done to both of them for getting the game resolved so quickly.

30 Mar 04.    Several more players have reported their games have started, that makes 13 out of the 25.  Created the Round 2 web page.  Changed a couple of photos around.

29 Mar 04.    Two players (to-date) have had problems with their PC's being able to cope with the size of the map.   This was not a problem I had foreseen.  This is not meant to be a competition that excludes people with low spec machines.  If I had been aware of this problem I would have gone for a smaller map, and possibly less damage.  I intend to downsize the maps on all subsequent rounds (assuming these players get thru).  After all, this competition is not for money, or any prize, but is here purely for the pleasure of playing.  Quite a few of you have still to confirm that your games have started.

27 Mar 04.    Added a link to a small movie of a Stug III I got off the net (awesome).  Updated the Round 1 page with feedback on games started thus far.

26 Mar 04.    Okay, we seem to be up and away.  Thus far, 10 of you have confirmed that you have processed your first files.  (Their names are shown in bold)  For those of you with a few minutes to spare, check out my CMBO Mirror Map Tournament, and CMBO Campaign web pages to see what else I have going on in the CM world.

25 Mar 04.   E.J.B. has joined the tournament, but Victor Charlie has dropped out.  It is now my pleasure to formally declare the start of the tournament !!   The following mass E-Mail has been sent out to all players:

“The Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club 2004 CMBB Quick Battle Tournament has now started.  If you have not already done so, please check the Round 1 web page to see who your opponent is.  All players E-Mail address are also on the web site.
If you are the German player it is your responsibility to start your game.  The tournament rules detail the set-up parameters for you to use.

To give me confidence that all the games have started okay, on sending your first file to your opponent, please E-Mail me and let me know.   (Including the game number and your Blitz nickname)

Please follow the file numbering sequence outlined in the rules, as I shall ask probably once a week for updates on game progress.

The deadline for completion of Round 1 is 6 May 04.  (6 weeks from now)

Finally, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to E-Mail me.

Enjoy the tournament"

24 Mar 04.  The first round draw has been made, and the Round 1 web page undated accordingly.  With 49 players this gives us 24 games, and one reserve.  Should additional players want to join in, they can do for so for the next week provided I can pair them off.  After some debate on the Blitzkreig CM Message Board over the proposed historical dates for each round, I have decided to remain with those original proposed. (for better or for worse)  To that end the tournament rules have been further updated to reflect this.

23 Mar 04.   The number of players wanting to play, just keeps on going up.  As as tonight we have reached 47, which is quite amazing.  Uploaded a draft set of the Tournament Rules.  The format of the page is bit rough, so I'll need to tidy that up later.  Hope to do the draw tomorrow.

22 Mar 04.    Expanded the site to include a separate Interested Player Page.   Also posted the following onto the Blitkrieg CM Message Board.
"Guys, the number of people interested in playing in ‘The Royal Rumble’ has now reached 39. It will probably top out in the mid 40s this week. As a result of the tournament filling up so quickly I think I will start it sooner than planned, maybe this week (time permitting). As we have exceeded 32 players this means there will be 6 rounds.
        Following up on suggestions made by a couple of players, I thought it might be an idea to change the date that each round will be set in, to give a different flavor to each of the battles. (Weather and ground conditions to reflect the norm at that time of year of course).
    Here are my initial thoughts on this.
    Round 1 – Oct 1942
    Round 2 - May 1943
    Round 3 – Nov 1943
    Round 4 - Jun 1944
    Round 5 – Dec 1944
    Round 6 - Mar 1945 - Final

Any feedback, positive or negative would be appreciated."

21 Mar 04.    Created the web site for this tournament.

20 Mar 04.    A great response thus far, 20 + players already registering an interest.

19 Mar 04.      Posted the following message on the Blitkrieg CM Message Board  "Guys, I’ve checked the tournament list, and we don’t seem to have a CMBB single player Tournament on the go at the moment.  If there is sufficient interest I’ll start one in a months time. Due to other CM commitments (the CMBO Mirror Map Tournament and the impending CMBO Campaign) I’ll have to keep the format of this tournament very simple using Quick Battles.

Initial thoughts are:
Points: 3,000
Map: Medium
Year: 1944
Month: September
Games: Encounter
Duration: 25 turns
Tournament Type: Knockout. (There can be only one !)"

18 Mar 04.    First had the idea to run this tournament.

First created on 20 Mar 04.      Last amended on 23 Apr 04.
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