Welcome to the Blitzkrieg CMBO 2004 Mirror Map Tournament Site.  This tournament started on 19 Jan 2004 and finished on 9 Nov 2004.

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ROUND 1 - Finished

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ROUND 3 - Finished.

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9 Oct 04.    The last game in this tournament has finished.  After a tremendously hard fought game by both players Kampfgruppe 'DEX' commanded by Dexter suffered a Minor Defeat at the hands of Henderson Battalion Combat Team, CCB commanded by Glider.

The final three positions are therefore:
1st      Glider
2nd     Dexter
3rd     Kelly's Hero

Congratulations to Glider the 2002 champion, who has successfully retained his crown as the Blitzkrieg CMBO Mirror Map Champion with this victory in 2004.  Well done also to Dexter and Kellys Hero for making it to the last three, and thank you to all the other players for participating.

If anyone wishes to re-fight this epic final game, click here to download the scenario file.

3 Oct 04.    Finished the map, play tested it, liked it, so created the final scenario and posted it out.  The final round, round 6 between Dexter and Glider has now started.

2 Oct 04.    Started designing the map for the final.

29 Sep 04.    The Round 5 game 1 has been completed.  The Kelly's Heroes AWOL Combat Group (USA) commanded by Kellys Hero suffered a Tactical defeat Kampfgruppe 'DEX' commanded by Dexter.  Dexter goes through to the final.

16 Sep 04.    The Round 5 game between Dexter and Kellys Hero has fully started.

5 Sep 04.    Round 5 has started today.

29 Aug 04.    Conducted the draw for Round 5, the semi-final.  , Dexter and Kellys Hero fight it out for the pleasure of meeting Glider (who goes through on a bye) in the final.  I still need to sort a map out, so the next round will probably start in a week or so.

28 Aug 04.    Round 4 Game 2 has been completed.  The 451st Infantry Regiment commanded by Hollander was defeated by Combat Group 'DEX' (Brit) commanded by Dexter.  This brings Round 4 to an end.

18 Aug 04.    Round 4 Game 1 has been completed.  KG Steinmann commanded by Wolfi-S was defeated in a hard fought game by the Henderson Battalion Combat Team, CCB commanded by Glider.

12 July 04.    Posted the Round 4 scenario files out to both Wolfi-S and Hollander today.

30 Jun 04.    Round 3 has finished today.  The 2nd Panzer Division commanded by Norman were defeated by Combat Group 'DEX' (Brit) commanded by Dexter.  PzJag Abt SS HJ commanded by Panzerjaeger were defeated by Henderson Battalion Combat Team, CCB commanded by Glider.  The 5th Yorkshire Yeomandry commanded by MadoX were unable to complete their game, so the 451st Infantry Regiment (Axis) commanded by Hollander is awarded the game.
        With the conclusion of Round 3, I have done the draw for Round 4.  I will decide on the map and start configuring the scenarios within a day or so.

13 Jun 04.    Round 3 Game 4 has been completed.  The Coldstream Guards (Brit) commanded by DevilThomas (FGM) were defeated by KG Steinmann commanded by Wolfi-S.

26 May 04.    Uploaded a Round 3 Game 2 AAR from Kelly's Hero.

24 May 04.    Round 3 Game 2 had been completed very quickly.  The 3rd Panzergrenadier Company  "Tino's Raiders" commanded by Chris Martino (Vet) suffered a tactical defeat at the hands of Kelly's Heroes AWOL Combat Group (USA) commanded by Kellys Hero.

13 May 04.    All games in Round 3 are now underway.

10 May 04.    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Just got a message from Panzerjaeger confused about the set-up.  On checking, there is a problem with the start zone for the Green troops.  Damn !!   Okay........... easy to sort though.  Adjusted all the files and re-sent them out with apologies.
        Norman (the narrowest loser) from Round 2 is now to fight Dexter in the 5th game.  Sent the start file out to him tonight.

9 May 04.    Finished off the scenario files today and posted them to the players in games 1 to 4.  Sent out the following E-Mail to all the remaining players:
"Round 3 is about to start.  The start files as normal will be sent to the Heer players tonight.  This is largest mirror map I have designed to date.  To reflect that and make the game slightly different you each have approx 300+ points worth of Green troops to supplement your normal unit, which itself has been upgraded to Veteran.  I have ensured the points total for both players in each game are the same by adding the odd unit as required.  In this scenario the Green units are facing of at each other across the valley in the middle of the map, and the fog has just lifted as your unit appears.  You can move the Green troops within that set up area only.  It is absolutely forbidden to move any of them out of that area or to deploy any of your Veterans in that area.  Please note that your opponents set up position for his Green troops is exactly opposite !!!!!!!  So combat will happen immediately.  Your normal unit can deploy anywhere in the area it starts in, as well the the OP in the house."

8 May 04.    Started creating the scenario files for the Round 3 games.

7 May 04.    Dexter who was assigned a bye this turn has to his very great credit said he not happy to accept that, and would like to fight one of the losers from the previous round.  I am currently organizing an opponent for him.

5 May 04.    Round 2, Game 3 has been completed.  The 1st Hydran Hussars commanded by Dobie suffered a minor defeat at the hands of PzJag Abt SS HJ commanded by Panzerjaeger.
        The completion of this battle brings an end to Round 2.  I decided to use the map I have been play testing for Round 3, 'The Vulture's Valley'.  The playtest involving Jimzalabim has been very entertaining, although the map is perhaps a little large for forces in play, so the scenario will see the addition of a small number of extra troops for each side.  I have uploaded the map picture onto the Round 3 web page and done the draw.  As we have an odd number of players in this round (9), one player goes though on a bye to Round 4.  On this occasion it is Dexter.
        I intend to create the scenario files this week, with a view to posting them out on Sunday, at the latest.

4 May 04.    Round 2, Game 8 has been completed.  The 711th Infantry Division, Fusilier- Battalion 1711 commanded by Granola had to withdraw from the conflict.  The Henderson Battalion Combat Team, CCB commanded by Glider is the winner by default.  Uploaded an AAR from Chris Martino.

3 May 04.    Round 2, Game 7 has been completed.  The USA - 3rd Armoured Div commanded by Von Hoover suffered a tactical defeat at the hands of the 3rd Panzergrenadier Company  "Tino's Raiders" commanded by Chris Martino.

2 May 04.    Adjusted the play-test map to rectify the slight snags with it.

27 Apr 04.    Round 2, Game No 5 has been completed.  The 95th Panzer Grenadier Regt commanded by Toadfrog suffered a minor defeat at the hands of Combat Group 'DEX' (Brit) commanded by Dexter.

25 Apr 04.    The playtest of the 3rd map has highlighted a slight snag in the design, reinforcements were unable to get off the road easily.  I shall rectify that.

19 Apr 04.    One of the players has pointed out that I have not set a deadline for the end of Round 2.  I have now rectified that.  All games (ideally) to be completed by 28 Apr 04 please.

9 Apr 04.    Round 2, Game No 9 has been completed.  The U.S 4th Armoured Division commanded by Gravy has been defeated by the narrowest of margins (47 pts to 49) by the 451st Infantry Regiment commanded by Hollander.  In the playtest of the 3rd map, I thought I'd be clever on the deployment of my troops, but the plan has back-fired badly, and Jimzalabim is kicking my butt !  LOL.

31 Mar 04.    I have at long last started the Playtest of the Round 3 map with my old sparring partner Jimzalabim.  It is larger map than I have generated previously for the Mirror games. A river separates a shallow valley, however the start zones extended across the river at either end.  This provides a very range of interesting of options in terms of force deployment at the start.  My main worry relates to the size of the map, whether it is too large for the 20 turns and forces in play.  The playtest will hopefully allay my concerns.  If they don't, I have as contingency an already proven map from the previous tournament.

24 Mar 04.    Round 2 Game No 1 has been completed.  Panzer Group Marcus commanded by Dooley has been defeated by the 5th Yorkshire Yeomandry commanded by MadoX.

20 Mar 04.    Round 2, Game No 6 has been completed.  The 2nd Panzer Division commanded by Norman lost by the very very narrowest of margins to the Coldstream Guards (Brit) commanded by DevilThomas (FGM).

16 Mar 04.    Game No 2 of Round 2 has been completed.  The 21st Panzer Division commanded by Hessians suffered a tactical defeat at the hands of Kelly's Heroes AWOL Combat Group (USA) commanded by Kellys Hero.  After using Evidence Eliminator on my PC, unfortunately Office XP will not work.  As luck would have it, I have lent out the disks, so it will be few days before I can update the Game Monitor web page.

15 Mar 04.    Uploaded a Round 2 Game 4 AAR by Wolfi-S.

14 Mar 04.    The first game (No 4) of Round 2 has been completed.  Well done guys.  Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 101 commanded by Snakerensky (Vet) was defeated by TF Hardt's Mountain commanded by Wolfi-S.

13 Mar 04.    Created a new web page for Round 3.

11 Mar 04.    All 9 games are now underway, which is excellent news.  I now need to think about play testing the map for Round 3.

9 Mar 04.    Uploaded a Round 1 Game 11 AAR by Hollander.  Of the 9 games in Round 2, 5 have now started.

8 Mar 04.    Round 2 has started.  Sent out the following E-Mail to all the Round 2 players.
"All the relevant start files have been sent out to the Heer players.  To give confidence that all the games have started fine, would all players please E-Mail to advise me when they have processed their first turn.  Thereafter, you do not need to notify me each time you process a turn.  I will however E-Mail out once a week instead and ask for a update as to what file number/turn you are up to."

7 Mar 04.    As planned, finished the creation of the scenario files today.

6 Mar 04.    Round 1 Game 11 has finished.  The 12th Armoured Division (USA) commanded by Ingvar has been defeated by the 451st Infantry Regiment commanded by Hollander.  This concludes the end of Round 1 of the tournament.  Well done to those who are through to Round 2, commiseration's to those who have been defeated.
    I am currently creating the scenario files for Round 2, and hope to post them out on either Monday or Tuesday evening.

3 Mar 04.    Round 1 Game 17 has finished.  The 3rd Mechanized Division commanded by JakeTKE has been defeated by the 2nd Panzer, Africa Corp commanded by Von Hoover (Vet).  This leaves only one game remaining.  As we have now passed the end of Feb, I shall be pressing the players to finish this game within a couple of days.

2 Mar 04.    Round 1 Game 16 has finished.  The 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) commanded by Octo has been defeated by the 28th Panzer Division commanded by Gravy.

29 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 2 has finished.  The 1st Battalion, The Black Watch commanded by Badger suffered the narrowest of defeats (1 point in it) at the hands of KG Steinmann commanded by Wolfi-S.  With only 3 games now to finish, I decided to make the draw for Round 2.

28 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 15 has finished.  The 1st Armoured Batt (USA) commanded by Warrior (Vet) has suffered a minor defeat at the hands of the 711th Infantry Division, Fusilier- Battalion 1711 commanded by Granola.

27 Feb 04.    A player who has been knocked out has inquired if I will be running a Best Losers Tournament like I did in the 2002/3 Tournament.  The short answer is no.  The reason is, I just don't think I'll have enough time, as I intend to start the  CMBO Campaign within the next couple of weeks.

26 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 8 has finished.  The 5th Wiking commanded by Tribun suffered a Minor Defeat at the hands of Combat Group 'DEX' (Brit) commanded by Dexter.  In addition, Game 14 has finished.  The Grossdeutschland commanded by Hagsaeng (Vet) was defeated by the 5th Yorkshire Yeomandry (Brit) commanded by MadoX.
    Of the 18 games in Round 1, 13 have now finished.

25 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 5 has finished.  The 24th Battalion of the 25th Division (US) commanded by PUG has been defeated by the PzJag Abt SS HJ commanded by Panzerjaeger.

24 Feb 04.    Uploaded a Round 1 Game 9 AAR by Norman.

23 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 6 has finished.  The 4th Armoured Div, Patton's Spear Head  (US) commanded by The Warrior was narrowly defeated by Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 101 commanded by Snakerensky (Vet).  That brings the total to 10 games completed.

22 Feb 04.    My PC keeps crashing badly.  It needs some attention by a specialist.  I may be off air for a few days.  In the meantime, read Gliders AAR to get a feel for his newly competed game.

20 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 9 has finished.  The 83rd Division “the Thunderbolts”  (USA) commanded by (FGM) BeatGuy83 has been defeated by the 2nd Panzer Division commanded by Norman.  In addition, game 10 has finished as well.  KG Seydlitz, Abt I, PzGren Rgt 10, 9th PZ Div commanded by (FGM) Seydlitz suffered a Minor Defeat at the hands of the Henderson Battalion Combat Team, CCB commanded by Glider (Vet).

19 Feb 04.   Updated the Game Monitor progress graph with some updated details.

16 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 3 has finished.  The Storming Highlanders (Brit) commanded by Fridericus has been defeated by Panzer Group Marcus commanded by Dooley.

15 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 13 has finished.  The 7th SS commanded by Jobooo have been defeated by the 1st Hydran Hussars commanded by Dobie.  A short AAR from Dobie gives a flavour of the game.

14 Feb 04.   Struggling with the look of the Round 3 map at the moment.  Tailend Bryan although knocked out of the tournament has kindly offered to help play test maps for me.  BTW, check out Bryan's rather good web site called Bryan's Combat Manual if you have a spare moment.

13 Feb 04.   Made a small change to the format of the Game Monitor progress graph, changing the orientation of the columns.  Continuing work on the Round 3 map.

12 Feb 04.    Round 1 Game 4 has finished.  The 2nd Battalion Light Infantry (Brit) commanded by Tailend Bryan suffered a tactical defeat at the hands of the 21st Panzer Division commanded by Hessians.  A short AAR from Hessians gives a feel for the game.

10 Feb 04.    Have started work on the Round 3 map, which I may use in the CMBO Campaign as well.  A deep valley with heavily wooded sides and a river running through the middle.

9 Feb 04.    Updated the Game Monitor to reflect the progress known at this moment.  Posted a short AAR from Kellys Hero.

8 Jan 04.    Created a new web page for Round 2 and put a general posting out inviting people to register an interest in playing in the the CMBO Campaign I have written about before.  Here is a link to the CMBO Campaign web site.  Also asked players to confirm the status of their games.

7 Feb 04.  I have returned from my jaunt to Texas.  Used American Airlines for the internal flights from Dallas to San Antonio.  On both occasions they mishandled my baggage, so it was delayed both ways !  Three games have been finished this last week.
    The 2nd SS Panzer Div  Das Reich commanded by Jimzalabim (Vet) has been defeated by Kelly's Heroes AWOL Combat Group  (USA) commanded by Kellys Hero.
    The 'Boys from Bama' commanded by Firelord were defeated by the narrowest of margins (41-46) by the 3rd Panzergrenadier Company  "Tino's Raiders" commanded by Chris Martino (Vet).  Check out Chris's AAR for his perspective on this very close game.
    The 2rd Armoured Division (USA) commanded by Zaraza was defeated by the 95th Panzer Grenadier Regt commanded by Toadfrog.

1 Feb 04.   This will be my last posting on the site for a week now.  I am off on business to San Antonio in Texas.  Flying out on Monday morning, arriving back in the UK 07:35 on Saturday morning.  I will be spending some 16 hrs each way flying, so intend to continue working on my CM Campaign rules.  On my return I will advise time scales for when I intend to start it.  I have decided rather than put a posting on the Blitzkrieg CM Message Board advertising it, I will in the first instance offer places to those participating in this tournament.

30 Jan 04.   A couple more games that were held up seem to be progressing now.

29 Jan 04.  Disappointingly no volunteers came forward from my posting on Blitzkrieg CM Message Board to play test the Round 2 map.  I have therefore decided to play against a friend of mine, to see what he thinks.

28 Jan 04.   Further game updates have allowed me to refresh the Game Monitor.  In addition I am pleased to announce the completion of the first game of the tournament!  The 1st SS Panzer Division (LAH) under the command of Bootie has been defeated by the British Coldstream Guards commanded by DevilThomas.  Well done to both of you for completing the game in record time.  Congrats to DevilThomas, commiseration's to Bootie.
        I have created a Players Messages / AARs web page, which includes DevilThomas's initial comments about his game.

27 Jan 04.   Most of the games seem to have re-started.  Created a new web page called Game Monitor to give a 'snap shot' view of progress.  Have finished work in the Round 2 map and play tested it against the computer from both sides.  As a further cross check, I have appealed for volunteers on the Blitzkrieg CM Message Board to play test it.

25 Jan 04.   Just heard some great news from Tom Buyers (aka Jaboo), his wife gave birth a couple of days ago.  Christina Jean Byers was born on Thursday, Jan 22nd at 3:09pm.  Both mother and daughter are doing well and he has just brought them both home.  I'm sure that I speak for all the players in the tournament when I extend my sincere best wishes to you, your wife and your new daughter.

24 Jan 04.   I received notification from Tailend Bryan that he had reached Turn 10 and that both sides reinforcements had appeared at the same place !!!   WTF was my first thought !!    I then checked all the original scenario files I had created and found that all but one of them was messed up.  There seems to be bug in the scenario editor, and dependant on where the reinforcement flags are set, they can appear in all sorts of places.  Spent about 5 hours sending E-Mails out to all players advising them what had happened, amending all the scenario files, play testing each one past turn 10 as a cross-check, then converting them to tournament files and sending them out again.  Apologies again to all the players affected.

23 Jan 04.    I have had notification of another game starting, and I have high hopes for the last one.  Continued chewing on the Campaign rules I mentioned on the 14th Jan.  Have now integrated my thoughts on aircraft reconnaissance and the availability of artillery.

22 Jan 04.   As at 19:00 I have now had confirmation that 16 of the games have started.

21 Jan 04.    A few of the Heer players have been non-plussed by the start-up files I sent out.  They were scenario files !  As such the first player to receive them (the Heer player in this instance) has to place the file in the SCENARIO directory, and select it
as a scenario when he starts the game up.  My fault really for not anticipating that this snag might occur.
    On a positive note, of the 18 games in the tourney, 11 would appear to have started.  Yes, that is right 18 games.
DevliThomas has joined our happy band, and has been paired off with Bootie.
    In terms of progress as at 20:25 tonight Jimzalabim and Kellys Hero have made the most progress being up to Turn 11.
Talking of reporting turns, I have decided to change things.  When running the last mirror map tournament (before my son was born), I had more time to keep on top of the feedback from the 10 games that were running.  I am now in a position where I
have less time, and almost double the number of games to track.  In a nutshell this is not going to work out.  Soooooooooo I
have decided on the following.  All players are to report their first and last turns of the game to me.  In addition I shall do a
mass E-Mail out to everyone once a week and ask you all to confirm the last file number you sent to your opponent.
    Can I remind everyone of the numbering sequence to use on the files you are exchanging.  The first file sent out by the Heer
player should be include the names of the players and the number of the file  i.e.  Jimzalabim-v-Kellys-01.  Kelly's Hero will
then process the file and send it back to Jimzalabim as Jimzalabim-v-Kellys-02.  This sequence should continue until the game
ends.  Given that 3 files need to be exchanged for every turn of play, that means that over 60 files will be exchanged.

19 Jan 04.    Okay........ I've just sent all the Tournament files out to all the Heer players in the 17 games.  Fingers crossed all the games start okay.
    Turning for a moment to the subject of maps, I have two from the previous tournament I plan to re-use.  Given the time constraints I have at the moment, I randomly selected (flipped a coin) to determine which to use.  The map called 'The Vultures Lair' came out as the winner.  I like this map a lot, and I hope you enjoy playing on it.  I will now turn my mind to creating a new one for the next round over the next few days, and getting it play tested thoroughly.
    Can I remind everyone to check the rules with regard to game reporting.  I know they are a bit of a pain, but it is useful for me to know the progress of games, especially at the start of the tournament.  Best of luck everyone.
    Bootie is the reserve for the moment.  Hopefully a late entry will allow him to join in.

18 Jan 04.    Slow progress today unfortunately.  13 scenario files created thus far.  Need to do the remaining 4 (maybe 5), then after doing a final check through convert all of them to tournament files ready for E-Mailing out.  This final element is now unlikely to happen before Wednesday night.

17 Jan 04    After a couple of small snags with the draw (i.e. I missed 2 people off), I am also pleased to welcome along Von Hoover and JakeTKE who have both uploaded their selections.  I now am busy on with creating the scenario files.  PC problems are starting to rear their head unfortunately.  I keep getting crashes both in Windows and during boot up.  The last one happened even before it detected the Hard Drive !!   If you have any ideas E-Mail me please.

16 Jan 04.    Thus far I have received 31 Force Selections, and as promised have done the Round 1 draw on that basis.  Gravy will be awarded a Bye through to the next round unless I receive another players Force Selection within a few days.  Now I just have to create the scenario files..........................................

15 Jan 04.  Put the following posting on the Blitz Message Board.
"A quick update on progress in the CMBO Mirror Map Tournament. To date 39 players have registered an interest. Of those, thus far, 27 have submitted their Force Selections, plus I am aware of at least another 4 that are being worked on.  The first round draw will take place on Friday evening at 220 GMT. I will create the tournament scenario files over the weekend (a real ball aching job), and then posted them out on Monday.
Players still wishing to join in after Friday evening, can do so up until 210 GMT on Thursday 22nd Jan. (Games being inserted into Round 1 on an ad hoc basis when I can pair players up.)"

14 Jan 04.  Okay, received lots and lots of force selections today.  I now have a total of 25, so that only leaves 14 outstanding.  My old friend Chris Jenkins dropped out, but has been replaced by Ingvar.
    Whilst walking my dog 'Jed' (a black labrador) a couple of days ago I got to thinking about running a CMBO campaign.  It has always been an ambition of mine, but I just could never find the inspiration with regard to generating what I consider to be workable rule mechanisms.  Anyway.........inspiration occurred on that walk, and my ideas have snowballed since.  In the last two days I have been hard at work in my lunch hours getting my thoughts down on paper.  They need a play test first, and over the coming month once the tournament is up and running I intend further refine them.  Watch for further updates on what will be a very exciting development.

13 Jan 04.  2 more players have signed up, welcome to Ade670 and (FGM) Seydlitz.  First mass mail E-Mail sent to all players saying: "Guys, we are now up to 39 players.  Thus far 12 of you have sent me your force selections.  Will the remaining 27 players please send theirs to me ASAP.  I intend to do the draw for the first round on Friday."

11 Jan 04.   With a couple more people signing we now have a total of 37 players.  I have decided to extend the deadline for accepting new players until the Tuesday night.  In the meantime, could all those who have not E-Mailed me their force selections to do so by Wednesday 14 Jan 04 24:00 GMT please.  A couple of players have asked for guidance on force selection.  The only thing I will say on this topic is that your units will have to fight in varied terrain, during the day, and at night, and as the period is Nov 1944, in some crap weather.  The maps will vary in size from small up to really huge (chuckle).  Configure your units to meet those challenges guys.  :-)
     Can I remind everyone that I need unit names with your force selection.  It would also be helpful if you could always include you Blitz nickname somewhere in the body of your E-Mail.

10 Jan 04.   Yet a couple more errors in the spreadsheet have been spotted.  I did have all this sorted, but for reasons too long to go into here, I had to revert to a back up copy, and that screwed things up.  Now at version 1-7-1.   This is definitely the last revision.

9 Jan 04.   Hessians spotted a mistake in the Heer points for the artillery.  The points for the 81mm mortar and 75mm how were the wrong way around.  Damn, that is irritating!  A case of finger trouble on my part.  I have corrected the force selection spreadsheet, and adjusted the version number accordingly.  Please download the new spreadsheet, version 1-6-1 from the link at the bottom of the page.  For those players who don't have Microsoft Excel, I have converted the spreadsheet into a Microsoft Word file, which is also available to download.

8 Jan 04.   2 new players have been added, welcome to Wolfi-S and Hessians.  Kellys Hero is the first to upload his force selections.  Although I don't need them just yet, please feel free to send them in anyway.  For both the Heer force and the Allied force you select, please advise me at the time you send your file to me, the names you wish the units to be known as.  For the Veterans of the 2002 competition you have the option of reusing the names you used previously.  For the rest of you, please select a name, not used in the 2002/3 tournament.  (See Round 1 for a full listing, click here.)

7 Jan 04.    A further 10 players have registered an interest, taking the total to 31 !!!   Quite an amazing response in such a short period of time.  I have decided to close the tournament to new players from 12:00 GMT this coming Sunday.

6 Jan 04.    Another 8 players have expressed an interest, taking the total to 21.  Web site uploaded onto the Pipex server.  E-Mailed Wild Bill and asked him to adjust the link on the tournament web page to this one.  E-Mail sent out to all the previous participants in the 2002/3 tournament, asking them if they wanted to play.

5 Jan 04.   Felt inspired today (for no particular reason) to run a second Blitzkrieg Mirror Map Tournament (the first one I ran was in 2002/3).  Put a posting on the Blitzkrieg CM Message Board to get a feel for how many players might be interested.  With 13 already recruited by 22:00 I decided go ahead and create this web page.


MS Excel spreadsheet is available to download here:  CM-Available-Units-Version-1-7.xls

MS Word force selection available to download here:  CM Purchase Options.doc


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