Welcome to the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club 2006 Combat Mission Beyond Overlord (CMBO) Quick Battle (QB) Tournament 'The Mailed Fist'.  The aim of this site was to keep players up to date with developments with regard to the tournament which started in Jan 2006 and finished in Sep 07. 

Please feel free to me if you have any questions.

This is a knockout tournament played over 6 rounds using CMBO.  Battles will be Armour heavy  3,000 point meeting engagements fought using the Fionn Kelly Short 75 rules.  These rules limit limit armor purchases to medium tanks, and make for very balanced playable games.






ROUND 1 - Completed
ROUND 2 - Completed
- Quarter Final - Completed
- Semi-Final - Completed
ROUND 5 - Final - Completed



30 Sep 07.    The final game of the competition has been completed.  Nort achieved a Minor Victory over Dexter.  The final positions in the tournament are therefore:

1st - Nort
2nd Dexter

3rd Balkan Warrior

3 Aug 07.   
The last and final round, round 5 starts today.

2 Aug 07.   
Round 4, game 1 has ended in a Minor Victory for Dexter.

Sep 06.    Round 4, the Semi-Final starts today.

31 Aug 06.   
The final game in round 3 between Dexter and Jabooo has ended in a Tactical Victory for Dexter. 

2 Aug 06.   
In Round 3, Game 1 between Balkan Warrior and Chris Martino(FGM) has ended in a Tactical Victory for Balkan Warrior.


12 Jun 06.    In Round 3, Game 3 between Nort and Scrat has ended in a narrow points victory for Nort. 


15 May 06.    The last game of Round 2 has been completed.  Scrat defeated Dadsturf.

14 May 06.  
  Round 3 starts today.  


8 May 06.    In Round 2, Game 1 between Balkan Warrior and Ditch has ended in victory for Balkan Warrior.


7 May 06.    In Round 2, Game 3 between Jabooo and Red Devil ended in victory for Jabooo.


8 Apr 06.    In Round 2, Game 5 between Nort and Fubar has ended in victory for Nort.


5 Apr 06.    In Round 2, Game 2 between Chris Martino and Corp-Bren has ended in victory for Chris Martino. 


14 Mar 06.    Battledog has had to drop out.  The Round 2 draw has been adjusted accordingly to get rid of the bye. 


11 Mar 06.    Round 2 of the tournament starts today. 


10 Mar 06.    Game 5 awarded to Dadsturf.


8 Mar 06.    Game 12 between Dexter and Pioneer[RT] ended in victory for Dexter.

3 Mar 06.   
Game 1 between 95Bravo(FGM) and Balkan Warrior ended in victory for Balkan Warrior.


24 Feb 06.    Game 8 between Haksaeng and Jabooo ended in victory for Jabooo.  

17 Feb 06.   
Game 10 between Panzerjaeger (FGM) and Martti Kylmälä ended in a Minor Victory for Panzerjaeger (FGM).


14 Feb 06.    Game 13 between McEvilly(FGM) and Nort has just ended with the resignation of McEvilly.  Total Victory awarded to Nort.


12 Feb 06.    Game 2 between Ditch and BertBlitzkrieg (FGM) ended in victory for Ditch.


11 Feb 06.    Game 4 between Jimzalabim(FGM) and Corp-Bren ended in victory for Corp-Bren.


28 Jan 06.    Game 7 between Engine and Chris Martino(FGM) ended in a Minor Victory to Chris Martino(FGM).


21 Jan 06.    Game 11 between Fubar and Herroberst ended in a Major Victory to Fubar. 


15 Jan 06.    The first game of Round 1 has finished.  Game 9 between Battle Dog and Antoni Chmielowski (FGM) has ended in Major Victory to Battle Dog.


7 Jan 06.    Seems like most of the games are underway.

3 Jan 06.    Round 1 of the Tournament starts today.  Posted the following message out to all players:
"Gentlemen , I am pleased to announce the start of the 2006 CMBO Quick Battle Knockout Tournament ‘The Mailed Fist’ which was advertised at the Blitz  :

The web site has been refreshed tonight to show the tournament rules and the draw for Round 1.  Please check both and E-Mail me if you have any queries.

As is normal with my tournaments I would be grateful if you could please notify me when you send your first file to your opponent.  (this is important)   I intend to include a players Messages and AAR page similar to these:


However, due to a shortage of space on my web site, you will have to host any pictures yourself .  Just send me the links.

Have a good tournament guys.  Strength and honour !!    Cheers Vulture"


2 Jan 06.    Organized the draw for Round 1 today.


1 Jan 06.    Happy New Year to all  :)


21 Dec 05.    Posted the following message on the the Blitz Message Board:
"Gentlemen, as I was walking my dog this morning I reflected that it has been a while since I started a new tournament. Time to rectify that I think.........    I've got a lot on with the work up of the CMAK-ETO Cross Club Campaign so a new tournament can't be anything too fancy, but nonetheless this should still be quite entertaining I hope.

Tournament Name: 'The Mailed Fist'
Tournament Type: Knockout
Type Of Battles: ME
Points: 3000 pts per side
Troop Mix: ARMOUR
Restrictions: Fionn Kelly Short 75
To start............ Jan 06
If your interested, please post here........................
Strength and honour


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First created on 21 Dec 2005.  Last amended on 1 Oct 2007.