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Welcome to the homepage of the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club 2006/7 CMBO Cross Club Tournament 'The Western Front'.  which was fought between the Few Good Men (FGM), members of the Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club, CMHQ-PL, Band of Brothers, and Appui-Feu.  The tournament started on 31 Aug 06 and finished on 10 Feb 07.   

Please feel free to me if you have any questions.

This was a CMBO tournament played over one round using a scenario designed by the umpire.  Points were awarded for various levels of victory / defeat.  Players were in teams of 10 players.  The team with most points at the end with the most points is the winner.       



10 Feb 07.    The tournament is now officially over !  The final top 3 positions are as follows:

-    1st    Appui-Feu 
-    2nd   

-    3rd    CMHQ-PL - T2

Well done to all the teams involved.  I hope you enjoyed participating in the tournament.   Good luck to you in all your CM games.

Strength and honour !!



9 Feb 07.   
I have decided to wrap the tournament up.  The deadline was originally 17th Nov.  Now almost 3 months late we still have three games outstanding, which is quite ridiculous given that the games were not long ones.   The tournament cannot just drag on and on.  RL issues during the latter part of this tournament have prevented me from aggressively chasing players to try get the games completed.  For better or for worse I have decided to award each of the 6 players involved 3 points each, the equivalent of a Minor loss, as it is almost impossible in these games (for me) to attribute with any degree of certainty whose fault it is that the game has been so badly delayed.  The affected games are 18, 20 and 29.  

2 Feb 07.   
Game 10 has ended.  A Total Victory has been awarded to Mike8g.  Only 3 games remain...


1 Feb 07.    I have extended the deadline for completion of the tournament (again).  It is now set for 10 Feb. 

1 Jan 07.    Happy New Year everyone.

29 Dec 06.    Game 9 has finished.  Filip von Izabelin achieved a Minor Victory over Bootie (FGM).

18 Dec 06.   
Game 19 has finished.  Badger achieved a Minor Victory over

13 Dec 06.   
Game 34 has finished.  Corwin managed a Minor Victory over Koles.

09 Dec 06.   
Game 31 has finished.  Clown achieved a Minor Victory over Rodgers1.  

08 Dec 06.    With 10 games still outstanding, I have decided to slip the tournament completion date to 31 Dec.

03 Dec 06.   
Game 24 has finished.  Llordus and Herroberst fought each other to a Draw.     

02 Dec 06.   
Game 4 has finished. 
JUNO44 achieved a Major Victory over Jimzalabim (FGM).

19 Nov 06.   
Game 13 has finished.  General Mayhem achieved a Tactical Victory over Taffy. 

18 Nov 06.
    Game 14 has finished.  Jeppe achieved a Major Victory over GROM.

16 Nov 06.   
Game 6 has finished.  DevilThomas(FGM) achieved a Major Victory over Dadsturf.

15 Nov 06.   
Game 5 has finished.  Macbac achieved a Major Victory over Larry Thorne (FGM).

14 Nov 06.   
Game 33 has finished. 
Xcite and Stirlitz fought each other to a Draw. 

7 Nov 06.   
Game 23 has finished.  Balkan Warrior achieved a Minor Victory over Fabko.

6 Nov 06.   
Game 15 has finished.  Wespe achieved a Minor Victory over Dadsturf.

30 Oct 06.   
Game 3 has finished.  Herrbixx (FGM) and VonEb fought each other to a Draw.

29 Oct 06.   
Game 35 has finished.  PM2004 achieved a Tactical Victory over Nico Colin.

26 Oct 06   
Game 32 has finished.  Faloxx achieved a Minor Victory over Nekander.  

25 Oct 06.   
Game 27 has finished.  Viorne and Bluehand
fought each other to a Draw.

24 Oct 06.   
Game 16 has finished. 
Alek and DerBlitzer fought each other to a Draw.

23 Oct 06.   
Game 8 has finished. Messiah and DevilThomas (FGM) fought each other to a Draw.

22 Oct 06.   
Game 7 has finished.  Andre achieved a Minor Victory over Chris Martino(FGM). 

21 Oct 06.   
Game 1 has finished.  95Bravo(FGM) and Haksaeng fought each other to a Draw.

20 Oct 06.   
Game 12 has finished.  Kelen and
Badhaggis fought each other to a Draw.

17 Oct 06.   
Game 2 has finsihed.  Gully achieved a Tactical Victory over
Antoni Chmieloswki (FGM).  

12 Oct 06.   
Game 30 has finished.  Tae Yang achieved a Minor Victory over Dziki9970.

9 Oct 06.   
Game 21 has finished.  Zinzin achieved a Tactical Victory over Bluehand.

6 Oct 06.   
Game 11 has finished.  MGK achieved a Major Victory over Pioneer[RT].

5 Oct 06.   
Game 22 has finished.  Corp Bren achieved a Minor Victory over

23 Sep 06.   
The first game of the tournament has been completed.  Game 26 between AF-4 Garcimore and BLITZ-T2-9
Glider ended in a Minor Victory for

22 Sep 06.   
Okay, back home after an excursion to see some of the major WW1 battlefields.

16 Sep 06.   
Guys, I'm away for a few days back on the evening of 21 Sep.

14 Sep 06.   
A quote from part of an E-Mail Glider sent me today...... "I can say the same thing I said before, one of the best and most intense scenarios I played, ever."

7 Sep 06.    Good progress being made with most of the games now underway.  All playing slots are now filled. 

4 Sep 06.   
Lots of the games now underway, which is great.  When players contact me, can they include their nickname and the game number they are in please.  

1 Sep 06.   
Blitz team 1 has suffered a couple of drop outs.  Replacement players will be sourced as soon as possible.

31 Aug 06.   
The tournament starts today.  SZO has had to withdraw from the tournament, but hope to take part in a future cross club tournaments.  Please note that each team must use a password set by the team captain.  PLAYERS ARE NOT TO START THEIR GAMES UNTIL THEY HAVE THE PASSWORD FROM THEIR TEAM CAPTAIN please.

28 Aug 06.   
I have decided to delay the start of the tournament by 2 days.  It will now start on Thu 31 Aug.  There are a few  reasons for this:

a.  I'm still waiting on confirmation which players are Axis and Allied from several teams.

b.  Sufficient Blitz players have now signed up that a further team can be fielded.  This has allowed the FGM to form their own team.

c.  Because of (b) above, I now need to re-do the Draw, and because of (a) and (b) I can't finalize the Game progress page. 

26 Aug 06.   
Appui-Feu have confirmed that they can field a full team, and have provided names and E-Mail addresses.

25 Aug 06.   
Continued progress is being made by those clubs who are still a few players short.  Things are looking good for a 7 team tournament.

24 Aug 06.   
Appui-Feu have started recruiting players and it looks like they are well on their way to getting a team together:

23 Aug 06.   
One of the players has asked a few questions, I thought it might be useful to post them and the answers here:


Q.    How many points are there per side ?

A.    4,500 per side, with about half starting on-board.  The remainder come on as reinforcements in turns 5 and 10.  There are quite a few tanks so the number of units to give orders too is not unmanageably large. 

Q.   I've downloaded the scenario, why can't I play it single player ?
A.   The scenario is saved as a Tournament file, to stop players tampering with the set-up.  

Q.    What is this 'Shadow force' in the briefing, can I use those troops ?

A.    Yes you can use the shadow force.  My choice of wording is confusing the position, sorry about that.  The story as such is that during the course of the tournament the units that made it several rounds were upgraded to reflect the combat they had seen, and in the final scenario the story is that Division was so impressed with the performance of the battlegroup that they had duplicated the organization with a newly raised unit, and had 'attached' them to the now Elite original unit to help with their training, if you get my drift...............  :)


Q.    Do I have to try the scenario before I play it during the tournament ?

A.    No.

Q.    Can I discuss tactical ideas before the start of the tournament and during it with other members of my team ?                

A.    Yes.  Exchange of tactical ideas as far as I am concerned is all part of what this sort of tournament is about. You can count on some of the other teams doing it for sure !!!

23 Aug 06.  
  Back in 2004 I ran a tournament called the CMBO Mirror Map Tournament.  This tournament (one of the most enjoyable I have run) was different from most in that players were given points to build a unit with.  This unit then stayed the same throughout the duration of the tournament.  

After battling their way through 5 knockout rounds of combat, the remaining 2 players from the starting 36 met in the 6th and final round. Dexter with his Axis unit Kampfgruppe 'DEX', and Glider with his Allied unit Henderson Battalion Combat Team. The result was a Minor victory Glider.

This tournament is a re-fight of that battle, but in this instance you all have the opportunity to test the scenario first, and so gain advance knowledge of the map, and your opponents forces. What result will you get ?

The scenario is now available to download from the web site

So get testing gentlemen, the tournament will start in 1 weeks time on Tuesday 29th Aug !!   :)

22 Aug 06.   
Band Of Brothers is only 1 player short of a full team, so things are looking good for them

21 Aug 06.   
Heard today that CMHQ-PL can definitely field two teams.  Created the DRAW web page.

17 Aug 06.   
CMHQ-PL have confirmed today that they will be fielding at least 1 team.  Band Of Brothers have advised they are actively recruiting players.

16 Aug 06.   
Messages sent out today to WarfareHQ, CMHQ-PL, The Band Of Brothers and
Appui-Feu to see if they wish to join.  

14 Aug 06.    The idea for the tournament has been well received and we have enough players to staff at least 2 teams of Blitz players, so the tournament is officially on, and I have created this web site to host it.  Will now start contacting other clubs to see if they wish to participate. 

10 Aug 06.    Posted the following onto the Blitz and FGM message boards....

"Guys, as mentioned in the August newsletter I'm still planning to run a CMAK campaign later this year (operation Nordwind) and after a major rethink of the campaign rules I am currently play testing them with Glider.  Its going to be 3 to 4 months before the playtest is complete and the preparations are mature enough for me to kick it off.    

In the meantime I'm toying with the idea of running a Cross - Club tournament similarish in structure to the popular Armoured Joust series of Tournaments I ran in 2004/5.  (Depending its success I may run a further 2, we will have to see).

My initial thoughts are that the first one would be CMBO because (it's still my favourite Smile and) I have a couple of very playable scenarios to hand that I've used in CMBO tournaments before that give really good entertaining battles.

Game duration: 20 turns
Length of time to get the battle played:   2 months
Size of forces involved:  Max 2500 points per side
Number of games for each player:  1

So guys I'm after a feel for the numbers of Blitzers who would like to participate, to see if the idea is workable, before I go out and approach another clubs..........

If this is something that would interest you please post here.......... Smile

Strength and honour !!!


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First created on 14 Aug 2006.